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Community eGift Card

  • A Community eGift Card “links together” the participating merchants in an area in a single community-branded card that works only at those businesses who are allowed to opt-in.
  • Via an easy to promote, dedicated community landing page, corporations and individuals send gifts to friends, family, employees, clients or prospects that are delivered instantly via email, text or print.
  • Community Cards are multi-use and can be redeemed at any single location or multiple participating merchants until the full value of the card is spent.
  • If a business accepts MasterCard, they can redeem a Yiftee Community eGift Card with no changes to their POS and no special devices.
menlo park community gift card

Easy To Implement

  • Recruit several merchants in your community to create a card for their neighborhood.
  • There is no cost to the merchants or organizers, no set-up fees, no monthly charges and merchants get the full value of the gifts redeemed in store.
  • Choose your Community eGift Card name and market it. Some examples are “The Detroit Card,” “Spartanbucks,” “Unique Eugene,” “Shop Local Fremont,” “Crosstown Concourse” and “Little Italy Food Hall.”
  • Put the link on your Chamber website, town Facebook page and other public websites so people can click to purchase your Community Cards online.

Why Keeping It Local Is Important

  • Money spent locally stays local. When you buy from locally owned businesses, significantly more of your money stays in your local economy and supports community groups.
  • The local one-of-a-kind businesses where you live, eat and have fun are a major part of your local community’s character and identity.
  • Local businesses are more invested in the community’s future, and less likely to leave. These businesses generally require less investment in infrastructure.

Read Our Research On Local First Communities!

The American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) and Institute for Local Self Reliance found that independent businesses located in areas with Local First campaigns outperformed those in cities without such a campaign.

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