eGift Cards for Communities and Local Businesses

A simple, PoS-independent solution to keep local dollars local

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Increase local revenue with an eGift Card Program and Mobile Promotions

Reach customers where they are – on their mobile devices

Mobile devices have changed the way local communities, malls, food courts, markets, retailers and restaurants can connect with their customers. Combine the personal touch of bricks-and-mortar stores with a mobile connection, in the form of eGift Cards. Whether you have a single brand or many different brands on one card, Yiftee’s eGift Cards are simple to set up, easy to use, and always available at the click of a button:

  • Instant, custom branded eGift Cards, offers, rewards and incentives
  • A platform so simple you can be live in 30 minutes
  • Cost-effective, pay-for-performance promotions that you control
  • No technology integration, special devices or training
  • Reports to measure and optimize campaigns with real-time data

Will it work with my POS? 

Yes! Yiftee’s eGift Cards are POS agnostic, we will work with your system.

Will it work for my downtown neighborhood, franchise or chain?

Yes! And there’s no special accounting to move payments to the right stores.

Do my customers need a special app?

No! Yiftee eGift Cards are always accessible on their mobile phones or printed and they will get reminders to redeem them.

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Join over 55,000 merchants and communities and generate online revenue today!

Set up a gift card program for my business

Help your community or business speed COVID recovery with eGift cards that connect local merchants, corporations and residents

Simple to implement eGift card programs bring neighbors together to support the local businesses that make your community special!

community gift cards

Keep local dollars local! Create an eGift Card for your Community with all the downtown shops and restaurants. Corporations, realtors, and residents can purchase for holiday gifts, employee rewards, customer appreciation, marketing programs, thank you’s or just because. No cost to the organizers or merchants to participate.

Buy One, Get One Campaigns

Express eGift cards provide a solution that will not only help your business during the pandemic but beyond and help increase your online sales. Express cards allow individual restaurants, salons, ice cream shops, etc., to promote their own eGift cards, creating a card unique to your business. Not only will the money go directly to you, but these eGifts are easy to redeem and send!

Buy One, Get One Campaigns

Community Marketplaces are the online version of your Mainstreet – a single webpage offering Express eGifts for any of your local businesses. Anyone can come to your Marketplace and purchase eGifts at participating retailers, restaurants, service businesses, or entertainment spots. Yiftee sends the funds to the business when cards are sold, helping them to manage through the COVID crisis, recover quickly, and making this a great way to Pay it Forward.

eGift Card Programs for Communities, Malls, Food Courts, Markets, Franchises, Chains and Small Businesses

Pump funds into your local economy with Buy-One-Get-One deals, sponsorships, group gifting and other incentives to keep local dollars local.

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