Appreciate Clients. Engage Fans. Boost Your Brand. Stand Out to Prospects.

Send an Instant Gift to Anyone.

Send A Yiftee

Easily gift the little things or the big.

Send when it counts. Send a cup of coffee, a well deserved lunch or a day at the spa. With Yiftee you can send all kinds of gifts.

  • Yiftee for Enterprise

    Use Yiftee to engage with those who make your business rock!

  • Local

    Pick up your gift at a shop or restaurant near you.

  • Convenient

    Yiftee digital gift vouchers are sent and received via text or email, so they are always with you.

  • Nothing's Wasted

    Unspent gift value is returned to the sender after one year.
    No paper, No plastic, No jet fuel! Oh, and No wrapping.

Mix it up. Give Local, Big Brands or Your Product as gifts.

Choose from thousands of local cafes, spas, boutiques, restaurants, national and online brands, or your own product or service.

Send A Yiftee

Yiftee has merchants across the county. Find who is in your area.