Yiftee Fuels On Demand Ride Service

by yiftee on March 13, 2017

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eGifting and Promotions Platform Drives Revenue & Captures New Riders

MENLO PARK, Calif. – February 22, 2017 – Yiftee, a leading provider of data-driven mobile promotions and gifting solutions for services, retailers and restaurants, has brought mobile eGifting to the increasingly competitive on demand ride service business, giving these companies an additional edge as they battle for market share. Yiftee’s mobile eGifts are a perfect addition to these app-based service companies where business is conducted entirely from the users’ mobile phones.

Included on the roster of companies that have signed on with Yiftee is Via, an on demand transit app serving New York City, Chicago, and Washington DC, among others. Deals with additional on demand ride services are in the works as these companies fight it out for “butts in car seats” with new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

via egift card“One of the biggest requests we were receiving from our members in the lead up to the holidays was an ability to give the gift of Via. In order to get a program in place, we needed a partner to help set us up a quick and effective gift card program,” says to Asaf Segev, Growth Principal for Via, “In a space characterized with long lead times, high setup costs, and over-complicated solutions, we found Yiftee to be responsive, flexible and well priced.”

“Yiftee is a uniquely suited solution for on demand ride services, because our gifts are sent directly to mobile phones, so they are always with the rider, ready to be used.” says Yiftee CEO Donna Novitsky, “On demand gifts are a great complement to the on demand economy.” The opportunity to add an additional revenue stream and a way to reach new customers has become more and more a necessity for survival to the many players in the on demand ride service segment.

On demand ride services have become ubiquitous in the past several years, because they provide a convenient solution for a variety of transportation challenges. Have a brutal commute? Consumed a few too many drinks during a night on the town? Purchased too many grocery bags to carry home? Pull out your phone, and a ride is just minutes away. These ride services eliminate the need for planning and the hassle and cost of parking. The price is known up front, and the cars are generally quick to arrive, comfortable and clean. Because of this, the on demand ride service arena has become fiercely competitive in the short time that it’s been in existence. As the market has become more congested, several of these services, including Sidecar and Shuddle, have been forced out of business. Thus, any opportunity to increase revenue and ridership, such as what Yiftee offers will give the players in this market the edge.

About Yiftee™ Yiftee is a Data-Driven Mobile Promotions & Gifting company serving multi-location restaurants, retailers, services and other partners. Yiftee helps its clients increase revenue by acquiring new customers and driving frequency. In addition to selling custom-branded eGift cards for clients’ websites and Facebook pages, merchants can use Yiftee for BOGO, SMS, email and Twitter campaigns, and Birthday Club promotions, as well as incorporate Yiftee into their Loyalty rewards and customer recovery programs. Yiftee delivers greater value and better results than physical gift cards or coupons with promotions that typically bring 20% – 85% of promotion recipients in store. Yiftee requires no technology or POS integration, protects clients from fraudulent transactions, and can be up and running in no time. To learn why more than 56,000 businesses use Yiftee, please visit yiftee.com Twitter: @Yiftee, Facebook: facebook.com/yiftee/ or contact 650-564-4438 or info@yiftee.com – See more at: http://www.free-press-release.com/news-yiftee-fuels-on-demand-ride-service-growth-1489021019.html#sthash.nworIZYa.dpuf

yifteeYiftee Fuels On Demand Ride Service