Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar Ramps Up Holiday eGift Card Sales

by yiftee on November 23, 2015

The Winery Restaurant and Wine Bar is a family owned fine dining destination with two locations in Orange County, CA. Their loyal customers purchased over $1,700 worth of eGift cards over the past month. How did they do it?  By prominently placing their gift card link in the navigation bar on the top of their website, a gift card button on the bottom of the page, and an APP link to their eGift card on their Facebook page, they are able to reach online shoppers where they are… online and mobile. Over the coming months, they will enjoy meeting their new eGift card-carrying customers who will likely bring their friends for a great meal and fine wine. Well done!

“Super happy with Yiftee” said Linda Clow, owner at The Winery Restaurant.

What’s more, there is no need for them to track gift card sales, redemptions, lost cards, balances, or remind customers of the gift cards because Yiftee does it all for them.

Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar pairs contemporary California regional cuisine, with a hip, vibrant, sophisticated setting, to create a cutting-edge dining experience. Located at The District in Tustin, The Winery was named “Restaurant of the Year” by the Orange County Concierge Association in its first year in business.

The restaurant’s wine list, which currently offers 650 selections, changes weekly, offering diners a wide range of varietals from around the world.  Guests can look into and even tour the restaurants’ climate-controlled cellars, which can hold up to 7,500 bottles!

The Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar offers a warm and passionate menu complimented by the perfect wines — endless possibilities and something to suit every palate.

yifteeWinery Restaurant & Wine Bar Ramps Up Holiday eGift Card Sales