Valentine’s Day Gift Card Opportunities For You

by yiftee on January 16, 2018

gift cards for valentines day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner meaning spending from the holiday season is not over yet! Americans are expected to spend over $19.7 billion dollars worldwide in gifts alone, nearly a billion more than last year. Nearly 52% of those gift purchases are in the form of a gift card.

Why Sell Gift Cards?

The months from November to February are the highest gift card selling months of the year. Why? Because of the holiday season (Black Friday, Christmas, Cyber Monday) and of course Valentine’s Day. As stated earlier, an astounding 52% of consumers who purchase gifts for their loved ones on this day purchase their gift in the form of a gift card, meaning the market is huge!

  • Generate additional revenue – start selling online and on Facebook to get an extra edge.
  • Build stronger brand recognition – eGift cards are custom-branded to match your business.
  • Convenience – Gift cards are sent via text, email, or Social Media.
  • Upsell Opportunities – Customers on average spend 20% more than the value of their gift card.

egift cards

How quickly can I set it up?

Our support team can have your business up and selling gift cards in 30 minutes. Our contracts are month-to-month and flexible! Take a look at our eGift card start kit here.

  • Create an account – Create your Yiftee account here.
  • Run Activation Card – Our gift card program is compatible with every point of sale. Just run the MasterCard activation card on your dashboard.
  • Brand your Sales Page – We host a gift card sales page branded entirely to your business.
  • Place button on your website/Facebook – Put a button on your website & Facebook to let customers know you are offering digital gift cards.

Can I talk to someone first?

Absolutely! Give us a call at 650-564-4438 (ext. 3) and we’ll help answer any questions you might have!

yifteeValentine’s Day Gift Card Opportunities For You