Tacolicious sells $745 of eGift Cards- That’s a lot of Tacos!

by yiftee on November 12, 2015

Wondering if offering eGifts on your website is worthwhile for the holidays?  Tacolicious in San Francisco sold $745 worth of Yiftee eGift Cards in the last 30 days.  That’s a lot of tacos… and the holiday giving season hasn’t even started!   How did they do it?  They prominently placed a link to their eGift Card page above the fold on their website and Facebook page.  They keep their website and social media channels fresh with new content every day.  Their 6,000+  faithful followers love the updates and the ability to purchase Tacolicious eGift cards online.  That’s it.  So simple.  Olé!

With regular eReminders, customers never forget their Tacolicious gift cards, nor are they ever lost because they reside on the customer’s mobile device for easy access.

About Tacolicious:

Tacolicious is by no means a traditional taqueria—you won’t find burritos here. What started out in the summer of 2009 as a little taco stand at the Thursday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market with a fittingly frivolous name, has become a sit-down, cocktail-driven restaurant, 120 tequilas strong. Tacos anchor a menu that extends to dishes such as beet salad with grapefruit and pumpkin seeds, tuna tostadas, grilled squid served Veracruz-style, albondigas, shrimp a la diabla, and toasted coconut flan.

Like many native Californians, Mexican food is in us. Though we grew up traveling to Mexico regularly (and still do), it took a trip to Mexico City—where the food is served in settings as sophisticated and urban as you’ll find anywhere in the world—for us to realize that tacos don’t have to be relegated to street food or a corner mom-’n’-pop. See Califa and Contramar for a couple of our inspirations.

We’re proud to be based in San Francisco, a town where the words local, sustainable and organic have become so redundant that they make you want to yawn. But just in case you were wondering about our menu: The answer is almost always, “Yes, yes and yes.” Click here to read about some of our purveyors.

yifteeTacolicious sells $745 of eGift Cards- That’s a lot of Tacos!