Corporate Partnerships For Small Business Relief

by yiftee on June 22, 2020

The City of Fremont Rallies to Support Small Businesses

Though the past few months have been difficult, they have also shown the incredible compassion that makes individual local communities across the country so special. From chambers to corporations, everyone has been a part of making sure that we come out of COVID-19 the right way—together. In this spirit, to help the seventy (and growing!) communities that we power, Yiftee has waived merchant fees through September 30th. When community members, local government, small businesses, and large corporate employers come together, the Yiftee eGift card has the potential to transform a community by providing small business relief.

See the power of local gifting first-hand with Gift Fremont, a program launched by the city of Fremont to provide relief to local, independently-owned businesses. In just four weeks, Gift Fremont has generated over $6000 for thirty of the small businesses that call Fremont home. That’s not all. 

As part of this city-wide eGift campaign, Gift Fremont has also implemented an additional promotion to help generate interest in the program:

  • Buy a gift of $20+ value and receive an additional $5
  • Buy a gift of $40+ value and receive an additional $15

The city has generously set aside $5000 to cover the value of the eGifts, and local merchants have seen this fund translate into over three times that amount in local spending. 

Seagate Gives Back to Its Community

Gift Fremont recently announced a new partnership with Seagate, a Fremont-based data storage company. Seagate has announced that it will provide a $5000 injection into this promotional campaign, allowing for Gift Fremont to meet the high demand for eGift cards well into the summer months.

This has given local merchants a breath of fresh air in a stifling business environment by taking an active role in protecting their community. Fremont’s Mayor Lily Mei speaks on the role that Seagate is playing in maintaining the diversity of Fremont’s small businesses as the pandemic continues to shutter businesses across the country. 

“Fremont is defined by a rich history and culture that can clearly be seen through our small independent businesses that proudly chose Fremont as home, many of whom have been adversely impacted by the pandemic. Gift Fremont combats these financial impacts by not only showcasing our local small businesses but also stimulating the local economy and uniting our community through this challenging time by utilizing technology and creativity. We are extremely thankful for Seagate’s support of the program and encourage other Fremont companies to consider supporting the small business ecosystem in Fremont as well.” 

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yifteeCorporate Partnerships For Small Business Relief