Stand Out Sponsorships!

by yiftee on March 31, 2015

Looking for new ways to engage fans and provide unique sponsorship opportunities?  Sports marketing professionals no longer need to fall back on old ways of getting attention from fans.  Scantily clad women who shoot t-shirts from air guns, and shameless plastering of logo signs around the perimeter of the venue are fun, but do they leave you wanting a shower and wondering about the ROI.  Do your sponsors yawn when they hear the same old promotional opportunities?  There is hope.

Keys to successful fan engagement in the 21st century are:

  • Fun games, quizes and other reasons to cheer on the team bring the fans attention away from distractions and back to the action on the field or arena. For example, announce a contest that asks fans if they think the kick-off will result in a touchdown or a touch-back.  Winners receive a team sponsor’s prize.
  • Meet those fans where they are… on their smartphones. Today’s fans are expert multi-taskers who spend more time texting, tweeting and instagram-ming than conversing with the person next to them.  Engagement that requires them to respond via mobile will turn their attention back to the game.
  • After they engage in the quiz or contest, deliver instant gratification via text to keep their attention so they are more apt to engage again, and again… then tell their friends about how they won a slice of pizza by playing.
  • Stickiness is not only in the realm of cotton candy and spilled sodas anymore. Engagement that follows them home reminds them of the team’s victorious win and the sponsor’s generous support long after leaving the venue.

Yiftee recently partnered with Phizzle, Learfield Sports and local pizza chain, Pizza My Heart, to create an awesome mobile fan engagement experience for Stanford sports fans.  Check it out here. The results are astounding.

yifteeStand Out Sponsorships!