Small Business Stories: Curated Basics

by yiftee on December 21, 2015

Andrew Cheung started Curated Basics as on online store designing and selling men’s dress socks. With men’s fashion trending more toward shorter and slimmer pants, he knew that fun and well-designed socks were the perfect understated accessory. Later, his offerings grew to cuff links, ties, scarves, hats, suspenders, and bow ties… all designed by Andrew. Andrew currently employs a handful of full and part-time employees to support his online, small store-front, and weekly flea market locations.

Why did he start his own small business?

Andrew grew up in a middle-class family working in a restaurant for his spending money. The memory of those days stuck with him through college and into his life as a Wall Street financial analyst at a private bank. Four years ago, he decided to pursue his dream of entrepreneurship.

The day Andrew put on the first pair of socks he designed himself, he knew he made the right decision. The socks and his new venture felt so ‘right’.

What was his hardest day as a small business owner?

It was the day he opened his bricks ‘n mortar shop at the Chelsea Market in New York’s swanky Cheslea arts district. He leased a small booth in the indoor, warehouse turned upscale marketplace, and estimated he needed to sell $250 of socks just to pay the day’s rent. He sold two pairs of $10 socks that day.

What is the best part of owning his small business?

When people walk by his shop, stop, point, and burst out with a jubilant ‘SOCKS!’. Equally great is when customers simply stop, touch, feel the weave, admire the patterns and color combinations, look up at Andrew with a smile, and let out a subdued, yet emphatic ‘nice’. Whether hearing ‘SOCKS!’ or ‘nice’, the feeling is the same.

We had the pleasure of meeting Andrew when he received a Priceless Surprise from the folks at MasterCard. He was selected to be the ‘poster merchant’ for their 2015 small business holiday campaign in which Yiftee, ShopKeep and were included. Watch the video to see what happened.

“Small businesses are major players in the U.S. economy. Over 50% of the current working population in the United States works in a small business setting, as cited by Forbes.” – source :

Andrew uses Shopify for his online store, ShopKeep to process payments, Yiftee eGift Cards, and he accepts MasterCard, among other credit cards.

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