Sell eGift Cards For Your Business

Offer eGift Cards for your business in minutes!

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Sell eGift Cards on your website, Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, and other social media.

  • Website/social media Button

    Set up gift card buttons on your website and social media pages to get as much exposure to your gift card program as possible.

  • eGift Card Sales page

    Your gift card sales page is branded specifically for your business. Customers select a gift amount, write a personal message, pay, and send.

  • Merchant Dashboard & Analytics

    Comprehensive analytics including custom reports, gifts sold, gifts redeemed and capture customer data for future campaigns

See the experience of how customers buy gift cards from your business:

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How Does It Work For Your Customers?

See how customers receive their eGift cards from your business:

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  • Gifts Are Quick

    Your eGift Cards are delivered via email, text, and/or printed for hand delivery.

  • Reminders

    Recipient gets monthly reminders of the gift. Ensures that the customer doesn’t forget to come into your store.

  • Easy Redemption

    Recipient does not need to download an app to get and use their eGift!

  • Real Time Tracking

    Sender is notified when the gift they send out is opened and redeemed. Gifts do not expire unless they are given as qualifying promotions or rewards.

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eGift Card Redemption with MasterCard

Perfect for multi-location merchants to get the right payments to the right stores with no back office accounting.

  • Customer Brings Gift Voucher

    Customers bring in gift certificate voucher either on their phone or printed.

  • Punch In Redemption Code

    Punch in your customer’s 16-digit redemption code into your credit card machine as a MasterCard transaction.

  • Get Paid!

    The right store location is paid in their normal credit card settlement process.

Will it work with my POS? 

Yes! Our gift card program is POS agnostic, we will work with your system!

Is the MasterCard voucher locked to my business?

Yes! It can only work at your stores.

See how redemption works with our eGift cards:

Gift Card Redemption via Express

Delivers payments to single-location merchants upon card sales.

  • Yiftee Processes Payments and Transfers Funds

    Yiftee transfers funds upon card sale directly to your bank account. Your Yiftee portal provides reporting on card sales, redemptions and outstanding liability.  

  • Customer Brings Gift Voucher

    Customers bring in gift certificate voucher either on their phone or printed.  

  • Punch In Redemption Code

    Login to your Yiftee portal on the Internet and punch in your customer’s redemption code to verify available balance and deduct purchase price from voucher balance.

Will it work with my POS?

Yes! Our gift card program is POS agnostic, but you may want to set up a “gift card” key to track the transactions.

Is the eGift Card voucher locked to my business?

Yes! You must login to your Yiftee portal to redeem the gifts.


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Option 1: $29.95/month Subscription Fee

  • Available for gifts redeemed as Mastercards or internet codes.

  • +$12/mo for each additional location.

  • Merchants pay their normal card not present (CNP) Mastercard processing fee for gifts redeemed via Mastercard.

  • Requires credit card on file for billing.

Option 2: Five percent (5%) of Gift Value

  • Available only for gifts redeemed using codes via the internet.

  • Merchants will receive 95% of gift value transferred weekly to their bank account.

  • No processing fee on redemption.

  • Requires banking information on file for funds transfer.

– Merchants can change pricing plans on an annual basis. Email
– Card buyers pay $1+5% eDelivery fee. Discounts available for qualifying bulk purchases. Merchants may choose to absorb those costs and sell cards at face value.
– Yiftee processes card purchase payments and protects merchants from fraud risk.

Set up your gift card program today!

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