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eGift Card Program

Instant, custom branded eGift Cards, offers, rewards and incentives

A platform so simple you can be live in 30 minutes

No technology/POS integration required, we work with your existing systems

Reports to measure and optimize campaigns with real-time data

Birthday Club

Celebrate with your customers by sending a free gift on their special day.  Customers opt in by providing their email address.

Send friendly reminders to use their birthday gift.

Know who your fans are and capture their email addresses for future campaigns.

Buy-One, Get-One Campaign

Encourage your customers, to share their love of your business with their friends, and reward them for doing so.

BOGO campaigns have the advantage of driving both the gift giver and the recipient to your store, potentially generating twice the foot traffic.

You control the required purchase value and the reward value to fit your business.  For instance, buy a $20 eGift Card and get a $10 eGift Card for yourself.  Or buy $100, get $10.  It’s up to you.

Interactive Gifts/SMS Marketing

Reach out to your customers and let them reach back to you.  Yiftee’s “Text-a-Gift” product invites your customers to text in for an eGift Card that brings them in store to redeem.

Traditional marketing (print ads, TV, radio, social, billboards, etc.) are difficult to measure. When customers text in to get a gift, you know exactly which ones are resonating and driving sales.

Yiftee automatically captures customer mobile numbers for your future permission-based SMS marketing.

“Of The Month Club”

“Of The Month Club” drives incremental visits to your business that create habit and loyalty. Offer a membership (you decide the time frame) for your “______ of the month club.”

Yiftee delivers the membership as a digital gift. Every month, a gift for the “offer of the month” will be digitally delivered to the customer.

The gift is valid for an assigned item/service, designated by you for that month. The customer will receive regular reminders.

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