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Restaurant eGift Cards and Promotions

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Restaurant owners and managers are busy, dealing with everything from flakey pastries to flakey chefs. You don’t have time to implement complex technologies, train your staff and jump on the latest mobile marketing trend. Yet according to a BIA/Kelsey 2014 study, about 1/3 of restaurant business is now driven by marketing promotions. Consumers now look for them before deciding where to eat. Yiftee solves this problem for you. We bring profitable and loyal customers into your restaurant, using simple, no-IT solutions that work.

  • Sell restaurant eGift Cards online, on mobile and on Facebook.
  • Get set-up in 30 minutes with your custom-branded eGift Card experience.
  • Works with all POS and credit card machines.
  • Requires no technology integration, special devices or training.
  • Protects you from fraud risk.
  • Roll out simple, cost-effective promotions that you define whenever you want.
  • Review reports about gift cards sold to measure and optimize your eGift Card program and marketing campaigns.
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Check out what restaurants have to say about us!

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With our restaurants being busier than ever, it’s nice to have our gift card program totally simplified for our customers and staff. In addition to our gift card program, Yiftee has become a very cool and easy marketing tool. We’ll never use a standard coupon again.

Bret Olivera, Owner of Sup Dogs

How can we boost your business?

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Branded and customized

  • When you sell restaurant eGift cards with us, your cards are designed to match your company logo and brand, it essentially works as a marketing tool in the customer’s pocket.
  • As people purchase more restaurant eGift cards to give to their friends on birthdays and holidays, your brand continues to be dispersed among new customers.

Customer retention

  • Reward your most loyal customers and keep them happy by sending out gift cards! Also, use our promotions platform to incentivize and encourage repeat visits.
  • Track your results. You get complete visibility of redemption and value delivered.
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Improve sales

  • Although gift cards are often set to a specific amount, many customers will end up spending more.
  • The gift card encourages customers to visit your restaurant. Typically, gift card holders spend at least 20% more than the card value, and this can easily be more.

Fill empty seats

  • Get customers to come back during slow or empty business hours.
  • Design promotions to boost sales at key times, and directly get data on effectiveness.
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Digital marketing platform tailored to your restaurant

See what we can do for you!

Grand Openings and Limited Time Offers

  • Design the perfect promotion for your special occasion, whether it is the opening of a new location, or a new menu item.
  • Create a buzz to get customers in store by setting expiration dates on new, enticing offers for your restaurant’s eGift cards.
  • Capitalize on your influx of new and returning customers by maintaining important data on your promotions, e.g. building a mailing list just for a new location.

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Reputation Management

  • Inevitably, some customers may have had criticism or a bad experience at your business.
  • Improve your relationship with customers by giving them a gift. Nothing says sorry better than a “we’ll do better next time!” and “the next one’s on the house!”
  • Integrate reputation management with social media to deliver gifts through Twitter.

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Birthday Club

  • A Birthday Club is a great way to promote loyalty for your brand. Yiftee will automatically send out restaurant eGift Cards to your customers on their special day.
  • Let people know about your Birthday Club on social media and your website to generate more business.

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