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Keeping in touch and respond to customer sentiment 

Positive or negative, your customers are talking about you on social media. Busy merchants like you need an easy and fast way to engage authentically with your customers on social media. What better way to thank a customer for a positive Twitter post than to tweet them your eGift Card for a free latte, appetizer or dessert? Or on the flip side, make amends for a bad experience by inviting them back for a meal on the house! With Yiftee, you can do this in seconds, and turn your dissatisfied customers into your fans and your fans into fanatics.

Millennials, in particular, depend on social media to make purchase decisions. Capture their attention where they are.

  • Tweet, text or email eGift Cards to individuals who post on social media.
  • Send to a single person or a whole list in minutes.
  • Augment a social media advertisement with an invite to get an eGift Card via “Text-A-Gift” to celebrate a store opening, new menu, new season’s inventory or a holiday.
  • eGift Cards are delivered to their mobile phones, so are always available to them.

What about when bad things happen?

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Turn frustration into fanfare

Stuff happens: a meal gets delayed, busy sales clerks overlook a customer, or a fly lands in someone’s soup. If the customer complained to you directly, you’d go out of your way to make it right. But they don’t. Often, they post to social media. Savvy merchants know that these are opportunities to turn bad experiences to their advantage. Customers who have had problems, who you respond to swiftly and positively, often turn into your most loyal fans. Yiftee gives you a fast way to react and right the wrongs.

  • Quickly respond either publicly or privately, depending on the circumstances, with your personal, thoughtful and honest reply.
  • If appropriate, send them your eGift Card to invite them back in store for you to make good on your comments.
  • There’s no need for them to download an app or register to use your eGift Card – just come back to the shop.

Schlotzsky’s Case Study

Best practices in reputation management

schlotzky's cafe

Schlotzsky’s Is a 300+ location Deli Café with a great reputation and a booming catering business. They take service seriously and carefully monitor social channels for feedback that helps them make their strong reputation even better.

Prior to signing on to Yiftee, the Schlotzsky’s Guest Recovery manager sent plastic gift cards to customers to acknowledge and address concerns. This was difficult and time consuming to obtain the customers’ address and snail-mail a card. With Yiftee, he is able to instantly send an eGift Card with a personal message from his desktop, track when those customers come back, and follow up. Personal gift messages and flexible reminders make sure the guest knows that Schlotzsky’s cares, and wants them back again.

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