Promotional eGifts – Shorter Expiration

by yiftee on October 8, 2015

Coupons and discounts are yesterday’s promotional tools. They devalue your product or service and customers expect and wait for those lower prices in the future. Promotions in the form of eGift Cards are received as just that… a gift.

Using your Yiftee Merchant Portal, you can send eGifts to your customers to celebrate special store events, holidays, as a birthday gift, or just because (during slow season) with a short expiration date to encourage them to come in and redeem it. Note that only gifts sent by you at your shop have this special feature (shortened expiration period). Consumer purchased Yiftee eGift Cards expire after one year, upon which the value is returned to the sender.

Here’s how…

  • Login to the Yiftee Merchant Portal at
  • On the left side bar, click “Manage Account”
  • Then click “Manage Expiration” under “Set Your Gifts’ Expiration Period”
  • Set the expiration period in months and/or days, and how many reminders you’d like sent during that period.
  • To send eGift Cards, then
  • On the Dashboard’s top navigation bar click “Send a Gift”
  • Send eGifts to your customers as you would normally.

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yifteePromotional eGifts – Shorter Expiration