POS Gift Cards: Tips and Tricks

by yiftee on August 17, 2016

pos gift cardsWith the Holidays approaching, businesses need to take advantage of the season’s shoppers and find a cost-effective way to drive new customers and get the regulars back in. POS gift cards have been widely used to boost revenue or maintain loyal customers.

Gift cards make the perfect solution:

  1. They can help ramp up sales and expose your business to new potential customers
  2. They can be used as a powerful reward incentive for special promotions.
  3. They account for 18% of all holiday purchases, and are frequently given to friends and family.
  4. People who receive gift cards as presents typically spend $29 more than the money they spend on the gift card, according to research from the National Retail Federation.


Which POS System do you use?

Point of sales systems usually provide their own proprietary solution for POS gift cards, but setting up these systems require extra effort, expenses, and training, not to mention the many questions and frustrations that arise with the topic of integration. Not only that, but POS aloha possystems usually serve the physical gift card audience – plastic cards require POS integration that can be time consuming. Therefore, POS agnostic eGift card services, such as Yiftee, are the best option for ease of use and convenience.

Whether you’re using Aloha’s point of sale, Clover’s point of sale, or Micros point of sale, Yiftee serves gift cards for your business. From sales to loyalty programs, Yiftee’s customized eGift cards branded to your business give you a better way to serve current customers, and will help you win over new ones by requiring no POS changes for eGift cards.

With MasterCard partnership, eGift cards are tied to your credit card machine, making transactions seamless. Restaurants face issue of having to train staff on gift card purchases, but Yiftee eGift cards are entered just with a credit card number. Yiftee’s solution works with your credit card processor to make your business run smoother, especially during the holiday hustle.

Learn more about Yiftee’s platform here!

yifteePOS Gift Cards: Tips and Tricks