Partnering with Sponsors can Exponentially Increase Local eGift Card Sales – Featuring Nashville’s Downtown Dollars

by yiftee on August 17, 2020

Downtown Dollars has raised over $100K from 30+ sponsors pre-launch

On August 7th, Nashville’s Downtown Partnership hosted a webinar introducing its pivotal eGift Card program, Downtown Dollars, powered by Yiftee. Yiftee is a data-driven mobile promotions & gifting company combining the personal touch of bricks-and-mortar stores with mobile connections in the form of eGift cards & promotions. As part of their Downtown Safe Downtown Strong initiative, Downtown Dollars is committed to bringing Nashvillians and tourists alike back downtown, in the safest way possible.

Downtown Nashville is awaiting a phase 3 reopening designation to launch, in order to take preventative measures against the spread of COVID-19. The Nashville Downtown Partnership is enthusiastic about its upcoming launch with a contact-free eGift Card system, powered by Yiftee, putting dollars back into the pockets of local businesses.

Downtown Dollars is the first community eGift card exclusive to downtown Nashville retailers, 73% of which are locally owned!

How it Works

Downtown Dollars is ONE eGift Card redeemable at ALL the best restaurants, hair salons, clothing stores, and more in Downtown Nashville. This program of 60+ participating vendors (and growing) is NO COST TO MERCHANTS to join! That means every dollar spent on a Downtown Dollars eGift card is received by the participating local business. Dollars that could have been lost to eCommerce and national brand retailers are brought back to the community, helping Music City emerge out of COVID-19 with a substantial economic stimulus.

Is a special day coming up? Send a Yiftee eGift card of Downtown Dollars via email or text to family, friends, and co-workers from the comfort and safety of your home. Then, your gift recipient can present their gift certificate voucher either on their phone or printed.

(The cashier simply enters the 16-digit redemption code into the credit card system as a MasterCard transaction, similar to an over the phone order. The only fee a merchant will incur is the normal credit card processing fee through their own POS system.)


Buy Bonus Dollars while promo lasts

Thanks to gracious sponsors, the Nashville Downtown Partnership has raised over $100,000 from 30 companies to cover the following:

  1. Cover the cost of small transactions and handling fees the card purchaser would take on
  2. Funding the Downtown Dollars Giveaways to be done through the month, through contests and on digital presence
  3. Funding and underwriting ability to do BOGO deals

Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO)

Downtown Dollars offers a 50%, 30%, and 20% match of Buy $100 Get $50, Buy $75 Get $25, and Buy $50 Get $10. Suppose a gifter buys a $75 eGift card with $25 in Bonus Bucks. With the BOGO, the gifter receives an additional $25 that they can either keep or give to the recipient. While purchased gifts do not expire, there’s a 90-day expiration on the bonus bucks – to provide those funds to the merchants quickly.

Cumulatively the $100k+ sponsorship dollars will have a substantial impact of providing supplemental funds to local businesses and buyers.

“The gift recipient would effectively receive between 20 to 50% more than they would from a regular transaction.”

Nashville Downtown Partnership


The Nashville Downtown Partnership has set up a Sponsorship system in which giveaways, service fees, and BOGOs are funded by generous donors classified as Lead and Associate Sponsors.

Lead Sponsors

Associate Sponsors

Yiftee eGift cards backed by law firms, banks, and other supporting businesses have historically seen exponential boosts in gifting. Downtown Dollars should expect tremendous results from their launch!

Corporate Partnerships

In addition to BOGOs, Downtown Dollars is eager to help the Nashville business community set up Employee Rewards Programs and Bulk Gifting Opportunities. Bulk gifting is a simple and effective way for both businesses and individuals input the email addresses of all of the recipients and send them out in just minutes.

Be on the lookout for the launch of Nashville’s Downtown Dollars! (Expected upon Nashville’s phase 3 reopening designation.)

Are you a Downtown Nashville vendor? Join Downtown Dollars here

Are you looking to set up your community with eGift cards? Have more questions about Yiftee and eGift card programs? Set up a demo here

yifteePartnering with Sponsors can Exponentially Increase Local eGift Card Sales – Featuring Nashville’s Downtown Dollars