“Of the Month Club” for your business

A surprise & delight bundle of gifts delivered every week or every month! Drives incremental visits, loyalty and up front cash flow

Drive regular traffic and habits with your “Of The Month Club” for your business

How it works for your business

Your “Of The Month Club” drives incremental visits to your business that create habit and loyalty. Offer a 6 month membership (you decide the time frame) for your “______ of the month club.” Customers who purchase will receive a “gift” once per month (could be a meal, spa session, pizza, sandwich).


Four simple steps to set up:

  1. Customers purchase your “Offer of the Month” on your website

    This is customizable and can be anything you want. For example, a bakery franchise offers a “Bread of the Week Club”. Customers who purchase this offer either for themselves or someone else receive a “gift” of 1 loaf of bread or 1 sandwich per week (could be months; could be a different items).

  2. Membership Delivery

    Yiftee delivers the membership as a digital gift and recipients register their email/phone number to the account. Every month, a gift for the “offer of the month” will be digitally delivered to the customer.

  3. Gift Reminders

    The gift is valid for an assigned item/service, designated by you for that month. The customer will receive regular reminders with custom messaging from your business until they have redeemed the gift.

  4. Redemption

    The redemption method is a “zGift” which is like a mobile coupon. We use unique codes for each coupon, preventing fraud. To redeem, your customer presents the zGift to your cashier/employee, who will enter the code into your point of sale and mark the gift as used on the customer’s phone.

You choose all the parameters of your campaign. Define programs that fit your business with predictable costs and return on investment.

“Of The Month Club” capabilities

buy one, get one example

Incremental Visits

  • Offering a bundled package of your products/services drives incremental visits and creates habits because clients are receiving a gift to pick up and use in store.
  • Customers receive regular reminders ensuring that your redemption rate is high.

Upsell Opportunities

  • Customers coming in for their gift for that month are opportunities for you to upsell.
  • Generate cash flow up front when customers purchase your bundle.
  • Perfect gifting option for friends and family with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Graduation all around the corner!
buy one, get one capabilities
buy one, get one capabilities

Customer Retention

  • Not only is it a great customer acquisition tool since customers are purchasing bundles for their friends and family, but you get repeatable business when recipients come in to redeem their gift
  • Create a fun experience and enhance customer relationships by promoting your brand.

“Of The Month Club” reports and analytics

Get data from your ``Of The Month Club`` campaigns that leads to smarter marketing

buy one, get one analytics

With Yiftee you have access to a range of analytics.

  • Number of bundles sold and gift value, who bought them, and contact information.
  • Customer information stored in campaign contact lists.
  • Usage data whether recipients are coming in to redeem.
  • Data regarding time of day, redemption location, amount, etc.

Customize your campaign specifics:

  • Name
  • Campaign duration
  • Reward Amount
  • Reward expiration period
  • Limit per customer
  • Banner Image and messaging

Tune these parameters for your next campaign based on your results.

buy one, get one analytics

Create a Deal of the Month for your customers

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