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Watch how these businesses create loyalty by saying “Thank You” to their best customers.

There are many types of loyalty programs, with points being a consumer favorite. Ease of redemption is the key to success. Yiftee can work with your existing loyalty programs, or be a simple way to reward your loyal customers ad hoc. You can offer your own store’s eGift Cards as rewards and serve a dual purpose to bring customers back in store. Or, let your customers choose from any eGift Card on the Yiftee marketplace of over 56,000 different locations including restaurants, spas, boutiques, entertainment, health clubs and online shopping.

“We gave Yiftee eGift Cards out to our loyal customers, which enabled us to drive more traffic to the store, so we can connect new customers and engage with our current customer base”

Andrew Cheung, Curated Basics

Mr Cheung is in good company offering loyalty rewards to his customers. Loyalty programs work. The statistics are compelling:

– 81% of consumers say loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with brands, and 70% say they modify where/when they purchase to maximize points (source: Bond, 2016)

– In the U.S. alone, companies spend a staggering $2 billion on loyalty programs every year (source: CapGemini 2015)

– In some industries, 91% of companies have a customer engagement or loyalty program (source: Experian, 2014)

– 44% of SMBs have a loyalty program, 21% say they plan to start one in the next year (source: BIA/Kelsey, 2014)

Integrates into your loyalty program

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Reward Fulfillment

  • Yiftee eGift Cards can be used solo or with your loyalty tracking system to say thanks and reward loyal customers. There are many advantages:
  • Digital – eGift Cards are sent through email or text messages manually or triggered by certain activities. They live on your customers’ mobile devices, always with them and never sitting at home in a drawer.
  • Efficient – Want to send a gift right away? Or schedule it for later? You can sit down once and take care of a batch of rewards to be delivered, or set them up to go out automatically.
  • Reminders – Yiftee will automatically send out friendly reminders so that your customers make the most of their rewards.
  • Full Tracking – See how effective your loyalty rewards are. Track status updates from open, redemption, etc.
  • Cost Effective – Set expiration dates to your promotional eGift Cards and only pay for those that get redeemed.

Perkville is a marketing leading all in one referral and rewards program with thousands of businesses on board. Perkville provides a number of loyalty options, e.g. money spent, class attendance, purchase frequency, referrals, and social media posts. By partnering with Yiftee, Perkville clients can reward their customers with eGifts at their own stores or any of Yiftee’s 56,000 active businesses including restaurants, spas, boutiques, entertainment, health and fitness establishments, and more.

Reward Fulfillment For Your Business

Surprise and delight – birthdays and any days

A simple way to get started with loyalty

  • Maybe you’re not ready for a full blown loyalty program. Counting visits, money spent, class attendance or referrals is more than you want right now. But you would like to do something for your regular customers because after all, they are responsible for your success.
    • One approach would be to simply “surprise and delight” your regulars with an eGift Card. No schedule. No expectation. Just a thank you, out of the blue with an eGift for your business. All you need is their email or cell phone number and you’re ready.
    • Alternatively, you could set up a Birthday Club. Invite your customers to join and Yiftee will take care of the “surprise and delight” automatically and send them an eGift at your store on their birthday.

                            Check out our Birthday Club here!

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