Run Limited Time Offers To Drive Foot Traffic To Your Business

Get people excited about new items, grand openings, and limited time offers!

Yiftee can help with every occasion!

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Get customers in your door

  • Promote your business and keep your customers on their toes by offering eGift cards for newly introduced items.
  • Get customers in for limited time offers by setting expiration dates on promotional eGift cards that create a sense of urgency.
  • Take advantage of the influx of foot traffic that comes with Grand Openings by sending out a Yiftee to your customers to bring them back within a certain timeframe.

Opening a new store?

Turn awareness into action

  • Add a Yiftee call-to-action to your new store advertisements. Invite them to get an eGift card and redeem it at your new store.
  • Set a deadline on the eGift so they need to visit within your first week of opening.

Measure and report

Get data that will allow your business to make informed decisions

  • Real time tracking on all gifts sent out by your customers.
  • Check the status of every gift whether it’s opened or redeemed.
  • Know your customers at your new store and create a mailing list specific to that location.
  • Get data regarding time of day, redemption location.
  • Send reminders to give your customers a small push to get back in.

Yiftee Features

See how our features can compliment your marketing


  • Lets you reach out to potential and existing customers in volume. We have seen between 25% and 85% redemption rates on promotional text gifts.
  • Text-A-Gift works much better than coupons which typically have a 2-3% redemption rate. Customers perceive it as a gift, enhancing your brand rather than appearing as a discount.
  • Text-A-Gift brings new and current customers into your store and creates the perfect opportunity to impress and upsell. It also allows you to create an SMS list for ongoing marketing of your choice, within texting guidelines.

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Buy-One, Get-One

  • The buy one, get one tool helps merchants achieve one of every business’s most important goal: retaining loyal customers.
  • This is a great way to upsell customers. You get your friend a gift, you get a gift, everybody wins. Yiftee helps you launch a creative promotion specially designed to your business goals.
  • Our merchants have found great success in motivating customers to give gifts by letting buyers get something extra for themselves. Think store openings, holidays, or any excuse to boost your eGift Card sales and in-store traffic!

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Birthday Club

  • A Birthday Club is a great way to promote loyalty for your brand. Studies show that 20% of your loyal customers make up 80% of your revenue.
  • Building a Birthday Club is ideal for getting customers in through the door on their special day and getting them to spend more when they do.
  • A birthday customer doesn’t come just by themselves on their birthday. They usually bring their family and even their friends. I mean, who doesn’t like to treat themselves on their birthday?

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Find out how Yiftee can work for your business

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