Is Your City Set Up With Yiftee Express eGift Cards Yet? – Check Out Shreveport, Louisiana!

by yiftee on June 3, 2020
Shreveport Express Cards feature eGift Cards for several local vendors including restaurants, interior designers, tennis facilities, and more!

Yiftee is an eGift Card company that supports local business by allowing customers to buy and send eGift cards from their favorite restaurants, salons, and shops without ever having to leave the vicinity of their homes.

The COVID-19 crisis has hit small businesses particularly hard. One analyst predicted as many as 15,000 will close permanently resulting in hundreds of thousands of lost jobs. Yiftee can help. Our eGift Card service can generate cash for small businesses even when they are closed.

What are Express Cards?

Express cards allow individual restaurants, salons, and ice cream shops to promote their own eGift cards.

1: Merchants Can Promote eGift Cards Specific to Their Store!

You can purchase an Express eGift Card directly on the website, Facebook Page, or Instagram of a participating Yiftee merchant.

We suggest that merchants add a “Gift Card” tab to increase visibility to this gifting option, to bring increased traffic from customers. Similarly, a “Gift Card” page can be added on the store’s Facebook page, making the cards easily findable.

2: Customers Can Both Purchase and Send eGift Cards Through the Link Provided

  1. Choose the amount you want to send as an eGift Card
  2. Provide an email or phone number of the recipient
  3. Write the recipient a personalized message for their birthday, graduation, or simply just because!
  4. Yiftee verifies the card, processes the payment, and delivers the gift, protecting your credit card from fraud in the process

PS. Yiftee even sends your gift recipients reminders to use their eGift card!

Yiftee Express eGift Cards give merchants the option to either:

  • Personalize their own banner image and card design
  • Select a card template from our library
  • Our team can customize the images upon request

Customers pay an eDelivery fee of $1+5% to cover initial credit card fees and fraud protection, a cost the merchant can choose to absorb

3: Redeeming the eGift Card is Easy

Customer presents eGift Card on either:

  1. Mobile device
  2. Printed on a piece of paper

That’s it!

The merchant can then redeem the card online in their Yiftee portal by entering the gift code number & amount specified.

Yiftee’s merchant portal can be easily accessed using a smartphone, tablet, or browser. On the portal, they can “refund” the amount if applicable and automatically view the updated balance in their account.

Shreveport, Louisiana is Already Using Yiftee Express Cards!

After launching with Yiftee, Shreveport’s eGift Cards have received over 74,000 impressions! Shreveport services over three dozen Yiftee Express Cards for the city’s prominent vendors including restaurants like El Cabo Verde and Giuseppe’s Pastacaffe, and also Haus of Beaute beauty and esthetician services. Even closed shops are able to get the money from Express Cards when they are sold, as a way to empower your hardest hit local businesses during the coronavirus.

View all of the Express Cards in Your Town!

In addition to finding Yiftee Express eGift Cards on merchants’ websites and social media, Yiftee makes it easy to view the entire collection of cards offered within your community. Check out Shreveport’s collection here.

Want to See Other Options? Learn about Yiftee Community eGift Cards

  • Yiftee’s community cards, like the Detroit card, function for multiple participating vendors within a given area.
  • To learn more about community cards, click here!

Not Set Up? Get Started With Yiftee!

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Our support team can have your business up and selling gift cards in 30 minutes. Our contracts are month-to-month and flexible! Take a look at our eGift card start kit here.

  • Create an account – Create your Yiftee account here.
  • Run Activation Card – Our gift card program is compatible with every point of sale. Just run the MasterCard activation card on your dashboard.
  • Brand your Sales Page – We host a gift card sales page branded entirely to your business.
yifteeIs Your City Set Up With Yiftee Express eGift Cards Yet? – Check Out Shreveport, Louisiana!