How You Look- Part 2

by yiftee on November 10, 2015

Yiftee wants you to look your personal best.  Your mobile or printed eGift Card already defines your image and brand. Now you can change the look of your redemption voucher (card shown to the cashier) by changing the default Yiftee orange color and Yiftee logo to your own color and logo design.  Now everyone will easily recognize the redemption vouchers as your own branded eGift Cards.

Here’s how…

  • Login to the Yiftee Merchant Portal at
  • On the left side bar, click “Edit Listing”, then
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Listing Page to “Redemption Gift Card”
  • There you can change the gift card color and the gift card logo to your own.

New personalized and Branded                             Default Design

Mikaylas phones













We all like to change our look for the seasons, the new styles, or a special holiday. You can change your images anytime to stay up to date.

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yifteeHow You Look- Part 2