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Leading franchises use Yiftee to increase revenue through eGift Cards and Promotions

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Customers want the convenience of buying gift cards online and mobile

The unique Yiftee platform makes it easy to implement and manage

“Our customers have been asking us for gift cards and we needed a solution that fit their busy, mobile lifestyles and that of our busy franchise owners. Whether they’re celebrating a birthday, saying thank you, or rewarding a job well done, Rocket Fizz customers can now send gift cards to anyone – a loved one, friend, employee, or fellow coworker, all online or mobile.”

Rich Shane, CEO of Rocket Fizz
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Physical shops have always had the advantage of personal relationships with their customers. Now, Yiftee combines that personal touch with a mobile connection, in the form of an eGift, delivering more value than physical gift cards or coupons. See how Yiftee can augment your marketing programs working within the constraints of a franchise.

Franchise eGift Cards and Promotions

eGift Cards

  • Quickly enable the online/mobile buyer via a link on your website or send gifts yourself for promotions, guest recovery, loyalty…the possibilities are endless!
  • Implementation across a large number of corporate or franchise locations is a breeze because we work with any POS with no change to hardware or software.
  • There is no need for reconciliation or special accounting because the location where the card is used is the location that gets paid.
  • There are no chargebacks or fraud – Yiftee handles the risk.

> How eGift cards work for businesses


  • Leave the world of traditional coupons behind – make your offers mobile, trackable and relevant to your customers by leveraging your eGift Card program.
  • Offer any item, combination, discount, BOGO, or give away. You set the offer parameters, expiration date, and budget.
  • Easily disable the offer when it’s used, eliminating fraud and misuse of your promotion.

Endless possibilities!

  • Drive more traffic to your store for grand openings, new menu rollouts, and new products.
  • Manage your reputation with response and outreach on Social Media.
  • Increase engagement rates on social, print, TV, radio, billboards and other advertising.
  • Know, with certainty, what advertising works and what doesn’t.
  • Engage customers with contests, games, sports, etc.

The Problem with Coupons

  • Expensive – Printing paper coupons and paying for advertising space online and in paper newspapers is costly, and there’s no guarantee that customers will see your offers.
  • Not fraud-proof – Paper can be copied and reused by customers.
  • De-value your brand – Coupons are seen as a discount, which can convey the idea that business is slow.
  • Not special – Receiving coupons doesn’t make your best customers feel special because they are frequently sent to everyone in an area.
  • Stigma – Many shoppers are not coupon-clippers and don’t want to cut, save and carry coupons to their favorite shops.
the problem with coupons

Benefits of Using Yiftee

Connect with consumers on mobile

  • Engage with consumers with an instant eGift Card on their mobile device.
  • Customers receive eReminders that increase redemption rates.
  • Promotions are flexible and give you an expiration of anywhere from 1-365 days.

Maintain your brand

  • Full price value – your shop and products are valued at full price and the eGift is valued as exactly that: a gift, not a discount.
  • Shoppers become evangelists – they are encouraged to say thanks and ‘rave’ about their eGift on social media.

Post engagement data & analytics

  • Access gifting data from purchase to redemption.
  • Retain customers’ information for future campaigns.
  • Monitor robust reports that tracks gifts sent, viewed, redemptions, and location.

Gift Card Sales Reconciliation Especially Well Suited for Franchises and Chains

  • No need to transfer funds from the location where the eGift Card was purchased to the location where it was spent.
  • Yiftee’s unique MasterCard-based redemption pays the store that redeems the gift immediately.
  • Headquarters can see exactly which locations redeemed gifts and for how much.

Adding Yiftee “Calls-to-Action” to Your Marketing Mix


  • Yiftee is simple to integrate with your current loyalty program so you can reward loyal customers with your eGift Cards or one from the 56,000 other shops and restaurants in the Yiftee marketplace.
  • When used for rewards and promotions, Yiftee eGifts have a 20% to 85% redemption rate. (traditional coupons’ 2%-3%)

Upsell opportunities

  • Run a Buy One, Get One campaign on Yiftee to upsell customers, entice them with a new menu item or motivate them to give a gift to a friend.
  • Create a Yiftee Birthday Club as a great way to promote loyalty for your brand and add names to your SMS or email lists.

Advertising that works

  • Large franchises and chains spend thousands every year on advertising with all forms of traditional media but generally have no way to know what works.
  • Make sure those advertising dollars are working for you.
  • By adding Yiftee Text-a-Gift to any traditional media, measure the effectiveness of your advertisement.  Know exactly who sees your ad, when they see it, and know if they used the offer. Stop ineffective ads in favor of those that work.
  • Even after the advertisement has faded in a consumer’s memory, their eGift Card lives on, reminding once a month or more, to come in through your door.


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