Food Truck Marketing Tips From Yiftee

by yiftee on July 11, 2017

Yiftee & Food Trucks = No Brainer

As a small business it can be hard to distinguish yourself from the crowd, especially when you have limited resources. So in order to stand out you need to be creative like local coffee shop Prufrock, located in London who came up with the idea of a disloyalty card. Yes you heard that right, this company actually rewarded customers to buy coffee from their competitors. “Customers who patronized eight competing coffee shops and got a card stamped there would get a free Prufrock coffee”. Gwilym Davies, a co-owner of the shop said “I knew it was a good idea when it totally confused a group of city workers who regularly visited for coffee.” This wacky and creative idea garnered a lot of buzz for the coffee shop and helped create more business. “Revenue rose 18% to 20% due to new customers coming in for cards in the first three months”.a

People these days are bombarded with countless ads, this in turn has made it harder to reach your target audience since people just tune most ads out. This has made word of mouth one of the most effective avenues to reach potential customers.  According to “a 2015 Nielsen report found consumers are 90 percent more likely to trust a brand recommended by a friend.” Through Yiftee friends can send each other gift cards with personalized notes, from their favorite businesses. This will allow your customers to not only recommend your business to their friends, but incentivize them to buy from your business too using Yiftee’s eGift cards.

Street foodLocal partnerships, can also be an effective way to gain new customers. The San Francisco based food truck  b. Street waffles found this out when they partnered up with their local Capital One bank to serve their food there once a week. This partnership helped this food truck expand, and now it caters to some of the top tech companies in its region. “Whether its learning from other small businesses and turning to them for advice, or finding opportunities to connect with new customers, small business owners need to capitalize on opportunities to engage with their community, which will ultimately help their business thrive.”

These three marketing tactics are just a few of the many ways small businesses can reach their target audience. Having out of the box and creative marketing strategies can help you small business stand out from the crowd. Sign up for a free trial of Yiftee’s eGift cards today.



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yifteeFood Truck Marketing Tips From Yiftee