Client and Employee Appreciation

Use gifting to motivate employees and connect with clients.

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Reward Employees and Appreciate Customers, with Instant Gifts

  • Be Remembered

    Gift eReminders highlight your appreciation and generosity, resulting in loyalty and retention. You choose the frequency.

  • Conserve Your Budget and Time

    Unspent gift value is returned to your account to re-spend. No more wasted budget for gifts they don’t want or like. You set the gift expiration period.

  • Encourage Desired Behavior

    Use gifts in unique ways to reward desired customer and employee behavior through recognition and reward systems.

  • Capture Attention

    Gifts sent via personalized and branded emails and texts to surprise employees and clients with rewards.

  • Measure Results

    Extensive reporting including employee list, open & redemption rates, and financial & management reports. Pay only for gifts redeemed.

  • Engage in Real Time

    Instant gratification eDelivered in the moment boosting client engagement and employee motivation through real appreciation.

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