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Holiday Promotion Ideas For Your Business

by yiftee on October 10, 2017

holiday promotion ideas

It’s happened before. October rolls around, Halloween passes you by and suddenly, the holiday season is upon us and you have no marketing initiatives to drive customers in! In order to make your mark, your holiday promotion ideas need to be eye-catching and attention worthy. Brands need campaigns that actually make customers happy instead of adding to holiday noise. The brands that run special promotions during the holidays tend to be more successful in getting customers in through their doors.

If you don’t have holiday promotion ideas in mind, there’s still plenty of time to set up a creative holiday promotion for your business and make a big impact on this year’s revenue. As November rolls arounds, we wanted to give you some creative holiday promotion ideas for your business to run for your customers.

Engage with your customers

Nothing gets people in a shopping mood more than Christmas decorations! A great way to make sure your business stays top of mind is to engage with your customers by holding a contest or sweepstakes. Couple of engagement ideas for customers are:

  • Holiday Costume Contest – who has the ugliest Christmas sweater? Who can dress up like Santa and Mrs. Claus the best?
  • Christmas Tree Decoration Contest – Who has the brightest and most decorated tree?
  • Recipe Contest – What’s the best Christmas themed dish a customer can cook up for you?
  • Text-Back Campaign – “All I want for Christmas is…”. Have customers text-in their answer. Most creative is the winner! (Learn more)
holiday promotion ideas starbucks

Design your best cup! Starbuck’s holiday cups are a staple in holiday themed decorations. Source: Odyssey

Of course, these types of promotions always require a bit of planning. However, most of these promotions are relatively easy to run and can go a long way when customers think about your brand.

Offer a little something extra

In the gifting world, an “incentive” is something extra that pushes a shopper to take action, such as making a purchase, completing a survey or signing up for a mailing list. In other words, it’s an added enticement to get customers to do what you want them to do. Here are some ideas on incentive-based marketing you can try for your business:

  • Offer a “Buy-One, Get-One” promotion – customers who purchase an eGift card from your business can earn an extra eGift card either for themselves or for a friend. (Learn more)
  • Set up a Birthday Club/VIP Club – customers who enter their contact information (phone #, email address, Birthday) receive a birthday/VIP gift on their Birthday or even Christmas. (Learn more)
  • Offer a small reward for increased spending – A lot of brands don’t like discounts, they believe it takes away from the value that they are trying to sell. However, if you’re trying to push a certain product it might be beneficial to offer something small see if it increases the likelihood of a customer purchasing.
heavenly donut birthday club

Heavenly Donut’s Birthday Club

Go out of your way

Competition amongst businesses is at an all-time high this time of year so it’s critical to your brand that you stand out to customers. Here are some ideas to better serve your customers this Christmas:

  • Extend your hours – I did all of my shopping 3 days before Christmas last year. Shoppers are out longer and later trying to find their last gifts. Do them a favor and stay open later.
  • Offer complimentary shipping (if you ship!) – Sometimes, customers see this as more valuable than a discount towards their final cost.
  • Wrap their gifts – Going off the theme of time sensitivity, more and more customers are looking at business’s to wrap their gifts for them. Offer to do it for them instead if you have the manpower!
yiftee gifts

Source: Mashable

Need more holiday promotion ideas?

We can help you with that! In addition to eGift cards, Yiftee offers a suite of mobile promotions for businesses to run. In November & December of last year alone, over 50 Yiftee merchants ran “Buy-One, Get-One” promotions which drove in customers when January rolled around. Schedule a time to chat with our promotions specialist and we can have a promotion up and running in 30 minutes!

yifteeHoliday Promotion Ideas For Your Business

Consumer Data Helps Businesses Run Smarter Promotions

by yiftee on July 6, 2017

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In the data driven world that we live in, consumer data plays a vital role in helping businesses enhance their consumer’s experience. Consumer data not only helps businesses understand their customers, but it also helps learn more about the business itself. They can learn the strengths and weaknesses of their business, which can help them maximize their profits and lower their costs. Amazon, which is one of the world’s largest collectors of consumer data, continually analyzes the data that they have on their customers to learn more about their buying behaviors and patterns. This allows Amazon to optimize their customer’s experiences on their various platforms and services.AdobeStock_85595304-min

Data was a key reason why Amazon decided to recently purchase Whole Foods. This acquisition will allow them to gain even more insights into their customer’s buying habits, since grocery shopping is a regular activity for most people. They can use this data to help them predict what items or bands of food shoppers might want to buy; it can also tell them what the most popular days and times are for grocery

By using Yiftee eGift cards your business will be able to collect important data about your clientele that can give you an edge over your competitors. For example, you can learn when customers are most likely to buy gift cards, or what products/items they use the egift cards for the most. This data can help you enhance the buying experience for your customers. Data from our egift cards is easily trackable since it is all done electronically. Businesses can use our website’s analytics dashboard to find info such as, a graphical display of gift cards sold, value and redemptions. Consumer data can also help with the logistics side of your business. You can use your data to find out what products are the most or least popular and order more or less of those items accordingly. This could help you cut down your inventory costs by eliminating excess inventory of less popular items.

Consumer data is, and will become an even more important part of the business world as technology continues to grow; and becomes more entrenched in our lives. As businesses and consumers shift more towards e-commerce their will not only be more consumers to track, but it will also become easier. Businesses that can not only collect data on their customers, but also effectively analyze their data will be the ones who will thrive in this business climate.  


yifteeConsumer Data Helps Businesses Run Smarter Promotions

Pizza My Heart and Yiftee Partner To Increase Average Check Size With Fan Engagement

by yiftee on March 17, 2017

Yiftee gets fresh & saavy! (4)
 Pizza My Heart Sees 400% Increase in Average Check Size With eGift-Generated Fan Engagement

By: Chuck Hammers, CEO, Pizza My Heart | March 17th, 2017

As CEO of Pizza My Heart (PMH), a 24-location pizza chain in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am always seeking new ways to build my brand and Pizza-My-Heart-Mobile-App1grow my business.  The challenge is making customer engagement measurable as well as driving trackable sales.  Many of our customers are Stanford students, alumni and their families, so we knew we had an opportunity to advertise to this group during the Stanford football games.  However, it was impossible to determine if game-time advertising was being noticed, let alone if it was driving sales.  Plus, regardless of how clever an advertisement is, it’s rarely entertaining for viewers to watch, and I don’t like coupons because I feel they devalue a brand.  Our goal as a local favorite was to reinforce the fun of PMH while driving sales, awareness and value.

With Yiftee, a data-driven mobile promotions and gifting company, PMH was able to “gamify” our marketing with an in-venue promotion called the Pizza My Heart Kickoff Challenge.  Working with Yiftee, we created a measurable social engagement campaign. Fans were prompted to participate in the Pizza My Heart Kickoff Challenge on the scoreboard at the beginning of the game and at halftime. Using their mobile phones they could guess the yard line the kickoff returner would get to after kickoff. Fans who texted in the correct kickoff result received a $4 or $20 Pizza My Heart mobile eGift Card delivered by Yiftee via text message. Each fan response demonstrated measurable engagement and the redemption data proved the powerful value of this innovative campaign.

Because of the benefit to my business, we have continued to run the PMH Kickoff Challenge and other interactive games, expanded to new sports (men’s and women’s basketball) and to other stadiums, exposing hundreds of thousands of attendees to Pizza My Heart’s messaging.

A Bigger slice of the (Pizza) Pie for Pizza My Heart
Even more important is that this promotion works as a traffic driver and sales driver for PMH.  Of the thousands of fans who win, redemption is off the charts.

Redemption rate for the $4 slice is typically 14%, while redemption is 35% for the $20 pie.  These numbers far exceed typical redemption stats from coupons, which rarely generate more than a 2% return. What’s more impressive is that redeemers almost always purchase more than the value of their gift.  Those with a $4 gift have an average check of $21  — a 400% upsell — and those with a $20 gift have an average check of $29.50 – nearly a 50% upsell.  This more than pays for the cost of the promotion, while exposing new guests to our restaurant.

One reason that redemption is so high is that these gifts have automated reminders that reinforce the Pizza My Heart brand while informing winners how long before their gift expires. Rewards are typically valid for 90-120 days, and because they disappear from guests’ mobile phones when they’re expired and after they are used, there is no issue with fraud.

Beyond the Pizza My Heart Kickoff Challenge, we offer Yiftee eGifts on our website for anyone who wants to purchase a gift for a friend. I started doing this in response to parents who lived far away and wanted to gift a pizza to their children attending Stanford.  Now I use them for guest appreciation and recovery, and employee rewards and incentives as well. What started as a convenience to Stanford parents has now grown into a revenue stream of its own as more customers are looking for a convenient way to send and receive gifts. Particularly around the holidays we sell a tremendous number of eGifts from our website enabling Pizza My Heart to mobilize our offerings year round.

yifteePizza My Heart and Yiftee Partner To Increase Average Check Size With Fan Engagement

Keep Calm and Close the Loop

by yiftee on October 19, 2015

Originally published by on October 15, 2015

“The Last Mile of Social Media is solved by ‘connecting the brand’ and its purpose, value, intent, and voice ‘with the consumers’ in and around the diverse roles they play in the business ecosystem.” Said Brian Solis, Digital Analyst & Futurist, in 2010. Connecting your brand with consumers is the golden fleece of marketing for any sized business. But Brian didn’t forecast the actual ability to get the brand’s product into the hands of the customer.

Imagine that it’s National Donut Week and you are a nationally known donut brand. What do you do to engage consumers? You go to your social media channels and tweet something like…


yifteeKeep Calm and Close the Loop

Stand Out Sponsorships!

by yiftee on March 31, 2015

Looking for new ways to engage fans and provide unique sponsorship opportunities?  Sports marketing professionals no longer need to fall back on old ways of getting attention from fans.  Scantily clad women who shoot t-shirts from air guns, and shameless plastering of logo signs around the perimeter of the venue are fun, but do they leave you wanting a shower and wondering about the ROI.  Do your sponsors yawn when they hear the same old promotional opportunities?  There is hope.

Keys to successful fan engagement in the 21st century are:

yifteeStand Out Sponsorships!

Three Finer Points of Gifting Psychology

by yiftee on January 8, 2015

We have all, at some point or another, grappled with questions about gifting such as what to give, how to give it, and even how our gifts will be perceived. And though the Holidays are just behind us, it’s definitely worth taking a look into the finer points of gifting psychology.

yifteeThree Finer Points of Gifting Psychology

Why NOT to Send Plastic Gift Cards

by yiftee on December 16, 2014
Everyone likes to send plastic gift cards because it’s easy and safe, right?  Wrong.  Here are the top five reasons why not to send plastic gift cards to your friends, family, employees and clients.
  1. They don’t save time or effort.  You or your assistant still need to drive to the grocery store or big box retailer, stand in a line with the ‘central casting’ of holiday shoppers (and their children) to buy the gift cards. They still need to be put in an envelope and mailed (rush delivery costs extra!).  Lines, lines, lines.
  2. Plastic gift card choices are from mega-brands, online stores, or that dreaded coffee shop that is found on all four corners of every intersection, making them impersonal and unimaginative.
  3. They get lost in the back of the sock drawer and forgotten.  They are not exchange-able, nor donate-able… thus, plastic gift cards often get re-gifted along with last year’s fruitcake.
  4. Santa doesn’t like plastic gift cards.  Where’s the magic!
  5. They are passé.
yifteeWhy NOT to Send Plastic Gift Cards

Digital gifting, Millennials, and the Holidays!

by yiftee on November 13, 2014


For many, physical gift cards are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Just like how society as a whole has entered a digital era, so too has gifting.

yifteeDigital gifting, Millennials, and the Holidays!

Pizza Give-Away Yields 200% Upsell

by yiftee on November 11, 2014


Chuck Hammers is the owner of Pizza My Heart, a chain of pizza restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. We partnered with Chuck and Phizzle to create the Stanford Kickoff Challenge, a challenge that gives Stanford football fans a chance to win a free pizza if they correctly guess the kickoff outcome. Here is what Chuck has to say about Yiftee, and how he integrates Yiftees into his current business practices.

$20 Yiftees rewarded fans who guessed the correct yard-line or touchdown.

Why does giving out a $20 Yiftee make sense? For me in the pizza business, a customer can use the $20 Yiftee to buy a pizza and be done. But this is not the case.  

In every single $20 Yiftee studied, customers chose to buy more than just the $20 pizza. They typically bought salads and/or drinks, resulting in an average sale of $29.50. This resulted in receiving back $9.50 in revenue or around 33% of the total sale value. 

yifteePizza Give-Away Yields 200% Upsell