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Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar Ramps Up Holiday eGift Card Sales

by yiftee on November 23, 2015

The Winery Restaurant and Wine Bar is a family owned fine dining destination with two locations in Orange County, CA. Their loyal customers purchased over $1,700 worth of eGift cards over the past month. How did they do it?  By prominently placing their gift card link in the navigation bar on the top of their website, a gift card button on the bottom of the page, and an APP link to their eGift card on their Facebook page, they are able to reach online shoppers where they are… online and mobile. Over the coming months, they will enjoy meeting their new eGift card-carrying customers who will likely bring their friends for a great meal and fine wine. Well done!

“Super happy with Yiftee” said Linda Clow, owner at The Winery Restaurant.

yifteeWinery Restaurant & Wine Bar Ramps Up Holiday eGift Card Sales

Tacolicious sells $745 of eGift Cards- That’s a lot of Tacos!

by yiftee on November 12, 2015

Wondering if offering eGifts on your website is worthwhile for the holidays?  Tacolicious in San Francisco sold $745 worth of Yiftee eGift Cards in the last 30 days.  That’s a lot of tacos… and the holiday giving season hasn’t even started!   How did they do it?  They prominently placed a link to their eGift Card page above the fold on their website and Facebook page.  They keep their website and social media channels fresh with new content every day.  Their 6,000+  faithful followers love the updates and the ability to purchase Tacolicious eGift cards online.  That’s it.  So simple.  Olé!

With regular eReminders, customers never forget their Tacolicious gift cards, nor are they ever lost because they reside on the customer’s mobile device for easy access.

yifteeTacolicious sells $745 of eGift Cards- That’s a lot of Tacos!

How You Look- Part 2

by yiftee on November 10, 2015

Yiftee wants you to look your personal best.  Your mobile or printed eGift Card already defines your image and brand. Now you can change the look of your redemption voucher (card shown to the cashier) by changing the default Yiftee orange color and Yiftee logo to your own color and logo design.  Now everyone will easily recognize the redemption vouchers as your own branded eGift Cards.

Here’s how…

yifteeHow You Look- Part 2

Rediscover Loyalty by Dumping Entitlement

by yiftee on November 9, 2015

Whether speaking about athletes or children, the topic of entitlement is hot. Athletes jump from team to team in search of the bigger buck, or chance to win the golden ring, leaving behind those who gave them their first chance, mentored them and cheered for them when they were down.

Children are developing similar entitled behaviors. According to James Lehman in an article on empoweringparents.com “The attitude of a child with a false sense of entitlement is, ‘I am, therefore give to me’.“ Who among us hasn’t promised an ice cream cone if our child would simply pick up her clothes?

yifteeRediscover Loyalty by Dumping Entitlement

Twitter for Customer Service 2.0

by yiftee on November 2, 2015

Consumers are increasingly turning to Twitter to vent their frustrations about, ask questions of, and rave about favorite retailers. Merchants responding to those sentiments on Twitter are winning the customer service game. In a blog published on Customer360.co, Onkar Bhosle points out that “Tweeting about an issue is uncomplicated and faster than a call which might require good patience.”

Leon Widrich wrote an excellent blog about using Twitter for customer service way back in 2012. The four points highlighted in the article have stood the test of time.

  1. Use the Speed of Twitter to Your Advantage  – No matter what problems come up, nothing trumps being there for people, exactly when they ask for it.
  2. Personalize the Experience on Twitter as Much as You Can – Avoid speaking to your customers behind a corporate logo. Instead, make every effort to replicate a face-to-face interaction.
  3. Use Direct Messages on Twitter to Your Advantage – During a widespread problem DM can be a life saver. Here’s how to handle it:
yifteeTwitter for Customer Service 2.0

Sup Dogs’ Super Promotions

by yiftee on November 2, 2015

Sup Dogs elevates its promotions and customer experience to new heights.  No more coupons and discounts that feed product devaluation and entitlement.  Sup Dogs is sending eGift cards to their customers to bring them back into their stores.  They recently sent over 31 gifts to their customers, and have already seen 10 of them redeemed at their restaurants.  That’s nearly a 30% redemption rate in less than two months?  The industry average for coupons is 2%.  What’s even better, Sup Dogs knows who redeemed them, at which store location, and when.  We bet that if they set a short expiration date (a special feature just for merchants), they will see an even higher redemption rate in a short period of time.

“With our restaurants being busier than ever, it’s nice to have our gift card program totally simplified for our customers and staff. In addition to our gift card program, Yiftee has become a very cool and easy marketing tool. We’ll never use a standard coupon again.” ~ Bret Olivero, Sup Dogs

With regular eReminders, customers will never forget their Sup Dogs gift cards.  This type of mobile marketing reaches today’s millennial consumers where they are – online and mobile.  By using their current technology, small business marketing efforts like this are not only competing with, but surpassing results seen by the mega-chains.

Founded in 2008 by Derek Oliverio, Sup Dogs Restaurant is a one-of-a-kind restaurant concept focused on bringing friends and families of all ages together and offering them extraordinary dining experiences. Taking our cues from their imaginative Founder—when you step into Sup Dogs, they aim to transform your day by serving the most creative dishes and the tastiest drinks in an energized restaurant environment. Sup Dogs on Facebook

yifteeSup Dogs’ Super Promotions

Thrifty Holiday Marketing

by yiftee on October 26, 2015

Guest Author: Emily Karram, at Wpromote
No matter what kind of business you are or what clientele you cater to, the holiday season can and likely will be one of your biggest revenue generators of the year. With cooler weather starting to settle in, the time to ramp up for the holidays is just around the corner, and businesses need to be ready for it if they want to capitalize on the year’s biggest spending season. Making sure your holiday marketing is on point during this competitive time while also staying on or even under budget can be the biggest challenge of all. One of the best ways to be sure that you stay at the head of the holiday pack is to look back at what you did last year and analyze both what worked and what didn’t.

yifteeThrifty Holiday Marketing

Feast From The East Gets’em Back in the Door

by yiftee on October 26, 2015

Feast From The East is a customer experience superstar!

After a hungry customer was unable to get his favorite Sesame Chicken order, the restaurant made amends by instantly sending him an eGift to back for a free meal.  The personal message read…

“Sorry we were out of the Sesame Chicken, normally the kitchen doesn’t shut down the fryer that early. This eGift will cover your next order of 18pc Sesame Chicken. Thank you for being so understanding.”

That customer will receive eReminders of the gift, the restaurant, and their laser focused customer service, until he redeems it.  He’ll never lose the gift because it resides on his mobile device for easy access. You can be sure that customer will be back, and will tell his friends about the caring staff at Feast From The East.  Reputation saved and boosted.

Feast from the East is an unique Pan Asian fusion dining restaurant that offers take-out and delivery options. The restaurant started in 1981 and has served the Los Angeles area for over 30 years with delicious Asian food and drinks. Customers can find everything from the popular Chinese Chicken Salad to a variety of noodle dishes, soups, and appetizers.

yifteeFeast From The East Gets’em Back in the Door

Frequency of Yiftee Activity Notifications

by yiftee on October 19, 2015

Yiftee will now notify Yiftee merchants daily when a Yiftee eGift Card is purchased for or redeemed at your store. Now you will be sure to be ready for those new Yiftee customers when they arrive.

Using the Yiftee Merchant Portal, you can modify the notification frequency to any of the following options: no notifications, daily notifications, weekly notifications.

Here’s how…

yifteeFrequency of Yiftee Activity Notifications

Keep Calm and Close the Loop

by yiftee on October 19, 2015

Originally published by Wpromote.com on October 15, 2015

“The Last Mile of Social Media is solved by ‘connecting the brand’ and its purpose, value, intent, and voice ‘with the consumers’ in and around the diverse roles they play in the business ecosystem.” Said Brian Solis, Digital Analyst & Futurist, in 2010. Connecting your brand with consumers is the golden fleece of marketing for any sized business. But Brian didn’t forecast the actual ability to get the brand’s product into the hands of the customer.

Imagine that it’s National Donut Week and you are a nationally known donut brand. What do you do to engage consumers? You go to your social media channels and tweet something like…


yifteeKeep Calm and Close the Loop