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Yiftee Delivers Mobile Marketing Platform For Franchise Businesses

by yiftee on November 17, 2016


 Optimizes Marketing Spend and Customer Acquisition at National, Regional & Local Levels

MENLO PARK, Calif. – November 17, 2016 – Today Yiftee, Inc. announced its new Franchisee Portal, enabling local, regional and national franchise operators to work together to define, optimize and implement marketing programs that bring new customers in stores and old customers back. This helps to meet a critical requirement most franchise businesses have for local marketing spend that heretofore has been difficult if not impossible to track. With the Yiftee Franchisee Portal, headquarters can define simple programs that local franchise operators can roll out in their markets in minutes, or franchisees can create their own programs and headquarters has the visibility to know they are in compliance without cumbersome reporting.

One of the biggest challenges franchisors face is developing cohesive, effective marketing programs that drive sales and satisfy both the franchisor and franchisee. When a company is made up of numerous owners, each with different opinions, many with different goals, often with different equipment in store, and each with its own balance sheet, marketing can be a challenge.

Enter Yiftee, a data-driven mobile promotions & gifting company with unique digital solutions. Yiftee enables franchisors to launch seamless eGift card programs and offer interactive email, social, print, TV, radio, billboard and SMS promotions, sports and entertainment event marketing, and other promotions at national, regional and local levels. Franchisees as well as headquarters can use these programs for customer acquisition, loyalty rewards, brand awareness, grand openings, new product announcements, guest recovery, holidays, limited time offers, birthday or email clubs and more.

National, Regional, and Local Promotions in a Snap

Yiftee provides a robust system through which franchise-wide mobile promotions can be implemented and tracked. Additionally the Franchisee Portal allows franchisees with one or more locations to run their own regional and local promotions, and track their metrics through Yiftee’s analytics dashboard. This empowers franchisees to succeed, while the franchisor can monitor the franchisees’ spending and analytics.

mobile marketing platform for franchise

Local Customer Analytics. Franchisees can see at a glance how customers are engaging with promotions and which are effective at bringing business in stores.

Franchisee resistance to corporate marketing programs often revolves around the ROI of proposed programs. Franchisees, as owners, have little patience for campaigns that cannot be directly link to sales results. Yiftee’s promotions not only provide real-time analytics, that can be monitored on both corporate and franchisee accounts, they can be paired with traditional advertising to make it measureable. According to Robbie Sprechman, CFO of 157-unit Retro Fitness, “When we added a text-back message to an existing TV ad with an offer of a $50 eGift on a new membership, we were able to see the direct impact of the ad. And, we also generated an impressive 25% redemption of people who came in for annual health club subscriptions, in addition to capturing new member data for future promotions.”

Promotions based on eGift Cards and zGift Cards

Yiftee promotions are delivered via eGift Cards and “zGift Cards,” which are zero-dollar value gifts similar to coupons, creating a sense of “surprise and delight” for recipients. Through a partnership with MasterCard®, Yiftee’s unique eGift Cards work just like credit cards. Any business that accepts MasterCard can accept an eGift Card powered by Yiftee. There is absolutely no POS integration required and, like a credit card, the merchant is paid at the point of redemption. Thus, there is no complex accounting nor revenue allocation as there is with traditional gift cards. Moreover, there is no production or inventory cost like there is with plastic gift cards. eGift and zGift Cards are sent directly to the recipients’ mobile phone, so the eGift or zGift is always with them, and through customized automated reminders, the franchise is able to reinforce its brand through mobile messages.

According to Connie Alexakos, VP of Product Marketing and Development for 23-unit Bad Ass Coffee, “Yiftee’s program has not only enabled us to sell gift cards as a franchised operation, it has enabled us to reach our guests where their attention is, on their mobile phones.”

mobile marketing platform for franchise

Mobile promotions. Franchise headquarters can define simple promotions that franchisees can implement locally in minutes using their Yiftee Franchisee Portal. This allows franchisees to generate new business and meet local marketing spend reporting requirements in no time.

Yiftee’s eGifts are simple to implement. A 100-location restaurant or retailer can be up and running with their own eGift Card program in a matter of days. Yiftee provides customer support for both merchants and consumers who require assistance. And while fraudulent purchases are becoming a more frequent nuisance with gift cards, especially with eGift Cards, Yiftee stands behind all eGift Cards issued, protecting its customers from fraud.

About Yiftee

Yiftee is a Data-Driven Mobile Promotions & Gifting company serving multi-location restaurants, retailers and other partners. Yiftee helps its clients increase revenue by acquiring new customers and driving frequency. In addition to selling custom-branded eGift cards for clients’ websites and Facebook pages, merchants can use Yiftee for BOGO, SMS, email and Twitter campaigns, and Birthday Club promotions, as well as incorporate Yiftee into their Loyalty rewards and customer recovery programs. Yiftee delivers greater value and better results than physical gift cards or coupons with promotions that typically garner 20% – 85% redemption rates. Yiftee requires no technology or POS integration, protects clients from fraudulent transactions, and can be up and running in no time. To learn why more than 55,000 businesses use Yiftee, please visit yiftee.com Twitter: @Yiftee, Facebook: facebook.com/yiftee/ or contact 650-564-4438 or info@yiftee.com



yifteeYiftee Delivers Mobile Marketing Platform For Franchise Businesses

Perkville and Yiftee Offer Health & Fitness Clubs Better, More Enticing Loyalty Rewards via Yiftee Partnership

by yiftee on November 7, 2016

New Integrated System Saves Health Clubs Money While Enhancing Rewards Offerings


Menlo Park and Oakland, Calif., Yiftee-Perkville are excited to announce the latest update to their partnership and integration. Now, all 1050+ current transacting Perkville customers – and any new ones who sign up – can integrate Yiftee into their rewards opportunities in time for the January health club rush.

This integration enables members to cash in their Perkville points for Yiftee eGifts, which can be used at their own stores or at any of Yiftee’s 55,000 active businesses, including restaurants, spas, boutiques, entertainment, health and fitness establishments, and more.

yiftee-perkvillePerkville’s rewards programs drive referrals, increase spend per member and generate social media buzz by awarding points for attendance, social media posts, purchases and more.

The Perkville and Yiftee integration is currently live at over 150 Retro Fitness Clubs across the U.S. By partnering with Yiftee, Perkville clients can reward their customers with eGifts, which are digital and always with members on their mobile phones. Additionally, Yiftee’s unique eGift system includes “mobile reminders,” which provide Perkville customers with an additional opportunity to reinforce their brand to members.
“The integration of Perkville (our reward system) and Yiftee (our reward provider) has resulted in some very happy customers. The same great system that allows our members to track and redeem their points for good behavior and spending is now partnered with Yiftee’s eGift cards which not only give our members instant gratification with the prize they really want (gift cards), but they also benefit our franchisees, enhance reporting and act as a huge improvement to our brand.” says Robbie Sprechman, CFO of Retro Fitness Clubs.

“WYiftee-Perkvillee are thrilled to integrate Yiftee’s technology with Perkville’s reward system,” says Co-Founder of Yiftee. “The Perkville integration will give Retro Fitness and other Perkville clients’ members a greater rewards selection while saving Perkville clients valuable time and costly inventory and handling fees from their prior rewards offerings.”

About Perkville: Perkville is the #1 customer loyalty program in the health and fitness space, offering point-based rewards that drive referrals, improve retention and increase spend per member. Perkville operates an open platform with extensive API integration, helping your rewards program grow with your business and partners.

About Yiftee: Yiftee is a Data-Driven Mobile Promotions & Gifting company serving multi-location restaurants, retailers and other partners. Yiftee helps its clients increase revenue by acquiring new customers and driving frequency. In addition to integrating with Rewards and Loyalty programs, Yiftee sells custom-branded eGift cards for clients’ websites and Facebook pages. Merchants can use Yiftee for BOGO, SMS, email and Twitter campaigns, Birthday Club promotions, and customer recovery programs. To learn why more than 55,000 businesses use Yiftee, please visit Yiftee.com or contact 650-564-4438 or info@yiftee.com.

yifteePerkville and Yiftee Offer Health & Fitness Clubs Better, More Enticing Loyalty Rewards via Yiftee Partnership

Good News For Merchants Who Sell Gift Cards

by yiftee on October 25, 2016

For the past 8 years, gift cards have been the single most requested item on holiday wish-lists. With Holiday shoppers scrambling in a frenzy for last minute gifts, shoppers are utilizing instant ways to deliver their gifts to their friends and family.

gift card perks

Give your business a boost this Holiday season

A lot of merchants today offer physical gift cards in their brick and mortar store. However, what happens when Carol from Los Angeles wants to send her friend Julie, in New York, a gift to Julie’s favorite restaurant?

Enter the electronic gift card! While plastic gift cards are growing at an annual rate of 6%, digital gift cards are growing at an annual rate of 200%. Many merchants miss the online buyer simply because they don’t offer eGift cards on their website. Consumers today rarely physically go into businesses to make gift card purchases. They would rather buy a gift card in the comfort of their own home while on their computer. 

Most importantly, the main reason why businesses (small or large) should adopt a gift card program is the additional revenue that is from gift card sales. Studies show that 61% of gift card holders spend more than the amount of their gift card, and 75% of those who overspend spend 60% more than the value of their card. Customers who are looking for a gift card to your business already love what you do, give them an easy way to do so by offering mobile gift cards to a place they love! 

So, how did a “last-minute gift” idea turn into a $100 billion industry? Simple. They’re instant, they’re easy to use, and they MAKE YOU MONEY! The average gift card user ends up spending an extra 20% beyond the value of the card. Not only can businesses get extra visits from gift cards, business owners also use this source of new traffic as a great way to upsell new customers. Businesses need to take advantage of this time of the Holiday Season because current projections on this year’s digital spending would increase by 14.3% to $70.1 billion.

Merchants this Holiday Season should be looking into eGift cards as a way to keep foot traffic high. Not only is it an affordable option, it’s also an option that doesn’t require much work. Because Yiftee eGift Cards partners up with MasterCard, our eGift cards work exactly like a regular credit card transaction would so that your employees do not have to learn any special accounting for your gift cards. Best of all, you get paid out instantly like a regular credit card transaction.

Want to see what the recipient experience is like for a Yiftee?

Click here to get a test gift!


yifteeGood News For Merchants Who Sell Gift Cards

Yiftee adds to management team, opens up Puerto Rico office

by yiftee on October 25, 2016

Yiftee has added a Vice President of Marketing, a Senior Sales Director, a National Sales Director, and four engineers to its team. Additionally, the Company has opened a second office in Puerto Rico to accommodate increased demand for its products.

stacy schulist vp of marketingYiftee, a developer of data-driven mobile promotions and gifting programs, has increased its client base by 300% over the past year as well as added several new product offerings.  In addition to a robust eGift Card program for multi-location retailers and restaurants, Yiftee also offers:

BOGOs Buy-One-Get-One promotions linked into eGifting to drive purchase and increase revenue

Interactive SMS Gift Promotions – An instant way to engage and delight customers while making any marketing program measurable

Birthday Club – Mobile and email eGift delivery with automated reminders bringing customers in store

Mobile Rewards – Integration into existing Loyalty programs to increase customer engagement and retention while saving on costly inventory and postage fees

To accommodate this growth Yiftee has hired Stacy Schulist, restaurant industry veteran, to be its Vice President of Marketing.  Previously Schulist headed up marketing for Black Angus Steakhouses, Logan’s Roadhouse, California Café and several other regional chains.  Dani Kenady and Dana Briscoe have joined Yiftee as Senior Director of Sales and National Accounts Director respectively, bringing deep expertise in customer insights and promotion sales.  Prior to joining Yiftee, Kenady was Sr. Sales Director at Hello World, and Briscoe was Director of Client Services at Zeta Interactive. Additionally Yiftee has hired four engineers and opened an office in Puerto Rico to service client demands and to accelerate product development.  

Donna Novitsky, Yiftee CEO, commented, “We’re excited about our growth and the opportunity that lies ahead.  We’ve hit on a huge opportunity to serve franchise and chain business’ needs for mobile promotions that extend their brand messages to their customers’ mobile devices – often achieving 10x results over traditional promotions.  This new team, with many years of experience in restaurant and retail promotions has hit the ground running and is already having a profound positive impact on ours and our clients’ businesses.”

“What makes us different from other companies,” Novitsky continued, “is our ability to harness Customer Insights for our clients and use these insights to help our clients to finesse their marketing programs.  As such, many of our promotions enjoy a redemption rate of between 20-85%, depending upon the offer.”

Yiftee’s clients include national and regional businesses such as, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Schlotzsky’s, Johnny Rockets, Retro Fitness and Rocket Fizz.  Additionally, Yiftee has business partnerships with Perkville rewards and other companies.

Interested in Yiftee for your business?

Schedule some time to chat with one of our reps!

yifteeYiftee adds to management team, opens up Puerto Rico office

Boost Your Holiday Sales

by yiftee on October 13, 2016

The holidays are coming quickly.  With a little extra effort and some savvy promotion, you can boost Holiday eGift sales exponentially, which will also drive incremental traffic in 2017.  Here are some things that you can do to enjoy a big bump in holiday gift card sales:

1. Promote your gift cards.  If you have an email list, send out a blast, or two, to let your guests know that you offer eGift Cards, a perfect gift, convenient to buy and to redeem.  Promote gift cards on your social media pages as well.  Make sure that you have your Facebook gift card button activated to make it super simple for customers to purchase.

2. Merchandise yoboost holiday egift salesur gift cards in-restaurant with table tents, check stuffers and posters.  Make sure your hostesses and servers tell guests about your eGift Cards and how convenient they are for easy holiday giving.

3. Offer a BOGO (buy one get one).  Many restaurants and  retailers offer a little something to the gift giver when they purchase a gift card (i.e., Get a $5 gift for yourself when you purchase a $25 gift card).  Yiftee makes offering such BOGOs  easy.  If you don’t want to offer a dollar gift, you can offer a Free Appetizer or Free Dessert.  You are limited only by your creativity.

4. Have a Cyber Monday Sale.  Many consumers dread going out into the crowded malls during the holiday season.  You can offer a special one-day only BOGO sale via e-mail blast, social media and in-restaurant flyer.

5. Appeal to the procrastinator.  The beauty of eGift Cards is that they can be purchased and given at the very last minute with almost no effort from the purchaser.  Send out an email blast on Christmas Eve reminding your guests that your emails make the perfect last minute gift.  And, of course, if you are offering a BOGO, the response will be even greater.

Log in to your Merchant Dashboard and click the “Buy One, Get One tab” to learn more!

If we can help you put together a promotion, or if you have questions, please contact merchantsupport@yiftee.com or 650-564-4438


yifteeBoost Your Holiday Sales

Gift Card Solutions For Franchises and Chains

by yiftee on September 23, 2016

Holiday season preparations are starting earlier and earlier for all kinds of businesses. If you want to get ahead of this year’s holiday season, there’s no time to waste. Whatever business you own, you need to get your industry’s equivalent stockings, gifts, and Christmas trees for this years rush of foot traffic.

Our gift card platform has provided over 55,000 merchants with an effective way to drive additional revenue through gift card sales, buy-one, get-one promotions, interactive gifting. But don’t take our word from it, hear from some of our merchants:

gift card solution for franchise and chains


Want to try out the recipient experience of our eGift Cards?

Click here to get a test gift!

yifteeGift Card Solutions For Franchises and Chains

4 Marketing Efforts To Get Customers Back In!

by yiftee on September 16, 2016

Getting every customer back in through the door is tough. It’s even tougher when there’s so much competition around you. So why is it important to keep your customers happy? Because of the 80/20 rule! The 80/20 rule states that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customer base. So what does this teach us?  That businesses need to focus on their most profitable and valuable customers, and not spend too many resources on unprofitable customers. This is why it’s crucial for businesses to get loyal customers back in through the door and get them to spend more when they do.

Merchants already have an idea that their loyal customers are the money-makers but what are some solutions that they can tap into?


Customer Loyalty Software Programscustomer loyalty rewards

As merchants already know, there is a wide variety of SAAS companies who provide loyalty programs for
businesses but these programs can run up a small businesses’ budget. Popular loyalty programs like Belly,
FiveStars, and Flok have monthly subscriptions that ranges anywhere from $200 to $400. Although these types of programs are very advanced and gives you great insight on how well your business is doing in retaining your customers, they tend to be too pricey for the standard mom and pop shop. On top of that,  SMB owners typically don’t need the hardware (tablets, touchscreens, etc.) that come with these programs. They need something quick, efficient, and easily trackable.


Punch Cardspunch cards egift cards

Albeit a bit outdated, punch cards are another method that businesses have been using to drive repeat traffic. Although punch cards are a much cheaper option than software loyalty programs, merchants aren’t able to gather meaningful information and data about their customers. A common occurrence is a customer who has gotten 9 stamps on their punch card. On their 10th, they get a free drink on the business. Next time the customer comes in, they realize that they’ve lost their punch card. The dilemma is: does the owner conform to the honor system and give the customer their free drink? Or does the owner ask the customer to earn up to 10 stamps again? This kind of problem is common in businesses that use punch cards. It seems to do more harm than good in most instances.


Loyalty Through Experience

customer loyaltySome brands like Apple, provide a unique first experience for their customers so that loyalty to their brand is baked right into the product. If your company is pioneering a new product or service, a loyalty program may not be necessary. Customers will be loyal because there are few other options as spectacular as you, and you’ve communicated that value from your first interaction. However, if your product is as spectacular as the new iPhone 7 coming out, I wouldn’t bank on this method being very effective for you. Customers are fickle and don’t always stick around to see what’s next.


Store Offers/Flash Sales

A great way to build loyalty with your customer base is through the deals that you give them. People are deal-seekers and love any discounts or special offers that you can give them. A great way to have customers remember your brand while driving additional revenue is through running a BOGO campaign. paciugo buy one get one promotionThis kind of campaign drives double the traffic in store. One gift for a friend, one for your customer purchasing the offer. In addition, this campaign helps drive gift card sales during non-holiday seasons and low periods. Over the 2015 Holiday season, a Buy One, Get One campaign resulted in over $40,000 of eGift Cards sold.  Consumers loved it, driving a high redemption percentage of 43%. As a result, a large number of customers who received promotional gifts came in store to buy.

yiftee4 Marketing Efforts To Get Customers Back In!

Top 4 Things to Do For Your Customers this Holiday Season

by yiftee on August 30, 2016

The Holiday Season is a $626.1 billion revenue stream for merchants and Holiday sales have increased 3% from this past year. With so many businesses vying for customers’ attention, what are YOU doing to set yourself apart from big retail and eCommerce players?

In this post, we will cover:sell egift cards

  1. Selling eGift Cards
  2. BOGO
  3. Interactive Gifts
  4. Birthday Club

Alternative sales methods and promotions have become one of the best ways to distinguish yourself from competitors. Most notably, holiday gift cards are a great way to boost revenue. According to Card Hub statistics, about 50% of gift card buyers purchase them for the holiday season, and in total, 1 in 4 gift cards are bought between December 21st and December 24th. The holiday market has a value of over $30 billion, a sizable chunk of revenue. With technological advancement, eGift Cards have become particularly popular among consumers looking for convenience and simplicity.


holiday gift cards buy one get one

Even though the market is quickly accelerating, holiday gift cards with compatible promotions have gained more and more popularity with consumers looking for the best deals. Buy One Get One deals are loved by customers, and the AMG Shopper Panel found that 66% of shoppers prefer these promotions to other offers such as 50% off. These promotions run during the holiday season have been extremely successful. For example, select Yiftee merchants sold over $40,000 of gifts over the holiday season as a result of the campaign.


sms marketingOther promotions have also had successful results, especially those that require customer interest. While the rush to get gifts characterizes the holiday season, customer interaction provides a unique opportunity to captivate. Text-in prompts that send gifts to interested customers provide the perfect opportunity to impress new and returning customers. These gifts are also great at securing up sell. Most importantly, interactive gifts provide the best way of tracking your advertising. On media such as direct mailers and social media, there’s no guarantee that your customers pay attention to your ads. A text-in prompt will allow you to really see who is engaged by your product!

In the meantime and in the months approaching the holiday season, create a Birthday Club to gain loyal customers to market to. If you require an email address to sign up for your VIP list, you can create an important marketing tool to contact your consumers. During the holiday season, this is especially important because spending is much higher.

Overall, the holiday season is coming up, and it’s time to prepare! Consider tapping into the power of holiday gift cards and promotions to secure your chunk of the rapidly expanding market.

yifteeTop 4 Things to Do For Your Customers this Holiday Season

POS Gift Cards: Tips and Tricks

by yiftee on August 17, 2016

pos gift cardsWith the Holidays approaching, businesses need to take advantage of the season’s shoppers and find a cost-effective way to drive new customers and get the regulars back in. POS gift cards have been widely used to boost revenue or maintain loyal customers.

Gift cards make the perfect solution:

  1. They can help ramp up sales and expose your business to new potential customers
  2. They can be used as a powerful reward incentive for special promotions.
  3. They account for 18% of all holiday purchases, and are frequently given to friends and family.
  4. People who receive gift cards as presents typically spend $29 more than the money they spend on the gift card, according to research from the National Retail Federation.


Which POS System do you use?

Point of sales systems usually provide their own proprietary solution for POS gift cards, but setting up these systems require extra effort, expenses, and training, not to mention the many questions and frustrations that arise with the topic of integration. Not only that, but POS aloha possystems usually serve the physical gift card audience – plastic cards require POS integration that can be time consuming. Therefore, POS agnostic eGift card services, such as Yiftee, are the best option for ease of use and convenience.

Whether you’re using Aloha’s point of sale, Clover’s point of sale, or Micros point of sale, Yiftee serves gift cards for your business. From sales to loyalty programs, Yiftee’s customized eGift cards branded to your business give you a better way to serve current customers, and will help you win over new ones by requiring no POS changes for eGift cards.

With MasterCard partnership, eGift cards are tied to your credit card machine, making transactions seamless. Restaurants face issue of having to train staff on gift card purchases, but Yiftee eGift cards are entered just with a credit card number. Yiftee’s solution works with your credit card processor to make your business run smoother, especially during the holiday hustle.

Learn more about Yiftee’s platform here!

yifteePOS Gift Cards: Tips and Tricks

Small Business Stories: Curated Basics

by yiftee on December 21, 2015

Andrew Cheung started Curated Basics as on online store designing and selling men’s dress socks. With men’s fashion trending more toward shorter and slimmer pants, he knew that fun and well-designed socks were the perfect understated accessory. Later, his offerings grew to cuff links, ties, scarves, hats, suspenders, and bow ties… all designed by Andrew. Andrew currently employs a handful of full and part-time employees to support his online, small store-front, and weekly flea market locations.

Why did he start his own small business?

yifteeSmall Business Stories: Curated Basics