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Incentivize Your Local Consumers and Support Small Businesses With Our Revolutionary zGifting Program!

by yiftee on August 20, 2020

Like to invest in your local community and build upon your relationships with your clients? Here at Yiftee, we do too.

That’s why we have created zGifting—a special program powered by Yiftee that allows corporations, lending organizations, and others to send clients a certificate to their favorite local businesses. It can also be used for employee gifting and incentives. In one convenient program, zGifting is the perfect way to do client appreciation and employee rewards. As a result, these programs help maintain a strong relationship between companies, communities, and clients; all while giving back to the community. Sure to please, our zGifts are a great way to show appreciation for your customers and support your local economy. 

Keeping Business Thoughtful, Fun, and Enticing

For the second year and running, Cornerstone Home Lending of Oklahoma has collaborated with Yiftee to build a program that is a win-win for everybody. They are exemplary of how to utilize this program and have used their trademark generosity to create thoughtful appreciation for their clients. Our summer program with Cornerstone Home Lending of Oklahoma has helped businesses push through tough times while still being plenty of fun: 

“The Yiftee zGifting program has been a great way for Cornerstone Home Lending to help local businesses in this difficult time. The campaign has given our clients another incentive to keep their dollars local to support the small businesses that help make our communities great. Partnering with Yiftee allows us to maintain strong relationships with our clients and give back to the local communities we love.”

-Kale Larkin, Regional Marketing Director at Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc. (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Area)

Boosting Business for The Long Term, Everywhere

As a gesture of their appreciation, Cornerstone has generously set aside $39,000 in gifts to send to their Oklahoma-based clients. With their goal of making a positive difference in the lives of others in mind, Cornerstone Home Lending has selected seven local favorite bakeries and creameries for their zGift certificates to be redeemed at. Small business owners welcome customers, old and new, to redeem these gifts of an eight to ten dollar value. After a month of program launch, businesses are appreciating the timely boost in customer traffic:

Everything is going great. We really do appreciate Cornerstone and Yiftee partnering with us again. This will help us when we need it the most. We look forward to serving more of the local community! “

-Madilyn, Roxy’s Ice Cream Social

Programs like these bring in in short term business as well as opening up their market to future long term customers. Building rapport with their customers, companies show clients the appreciation that fosters continual trust over time. Their gifts celebrate the summer and invite customers to shop small and support businesses weathering the COVID-19 storm. For the upcoming holiday season, consider the power of zGifting. Keeping local dollars local and coming to a community near you soon! 

yifteeIncentivize Your Local Consumers and Support Small Businesses With Our Revolutionary zGifting Program!

Partnering with Sponsors can Exponentially Increase Local eGift Card Sales – Featuring Nashville’s Downtown Dollars

by yiftee on August 17, 2020

Downtown Dollars has raised over $100K from 30+ sponsors pre-launch

On August 7th, Nashville’s Downtown Partnership hosted a webinar introducing its pivotal eGift Card program, Downtown Dollars, powered by Yiftee. Yiftee is a data-driven mobile promotions & gifting company combining the personal touch of bricks-and-mortar stores with mobile connections in the form of eGift cards & promotions. As part of their Downtown Safe Downtown Strong initiative, Downtown Dollars is committed to bringing Nashvillians and tourists alike back downtown, in the safest way possible.

Downtown Nashville is awaiting a phase 3 reopening designation to launch, in order to take preventative measures against the spread of COVID-19. The Nashville Downtown Partnership is enthusiastic about its upcoming launch with a contact-free eGift Card system, powered by Yiftee, putting dollars back into the pockets of local businesses.

Downtown Dollars is the first community eGift card exclusive to downtown Nashville retailers, 73% of which are locally owned!

How it Works

Downtown Dollars is ONE eGift Card redeemable at ALL the best restaurants, hair salons, clothing stores, and more in Downtown Nashville. This program of 60+ participating vendors (and growing) is NO COST TO MERCHANTS to join! That means every dollar spent on a Downtown Dollars eGift card is received by the participating local business. Dollars that could have been lost to eCommerce and national brand retailers are brought back to the community, helping Music City emerge out of COVID-19 with a substantial economic stimulus.

Is a special day coming up? Send a Yiftee eGift card of Downtown Dollars via email or text to family, friends, and co-workers from the comfort and safety of your home. Then, your gift recipient can present their gift certificate voucher either on their phone or printed.

(The cashier simply enters the 16-digit redemption code into the credit card system as a MasterCard transaction, similar to an over the phone order. The only fee a merchant will incur is the normal credit card processing fee through their own POS system.)


Buy Bonus Dollars while promo lasts

Thanks to gracious sponsors, the Nashville Downtown Partnership has raised over $100,000 from 30 companies to cover the following:

  1. Cover the cost of small transactions and handling fees the card purchaser would take on
  2. Funding the Downtown Dollars Giveaways to be done through the month, through contests and on digital presence
  3. Funding and underwriting ability to do BOGO deals

Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO)

Downtown Dollars offers a 50%, 30%, and 20% match of Buy $100 Get $50, Buy $75 Get $25, and Buy $50 Get $10. Suppose a gifter buys a $75 eGift card with $25 in Bonus Bucks. With the BOGO, the gifter receives an additional $25 that they can either keep or give to the recipient. While purchased gifts do not expire, there’s a 90-day expiration on the bonus bucks – to provide those funds to the merchants quickly.

Cumulatively the $100k+ sponsorship dollars will have a substantial impact of providing supplemental funds to local businesses and buyers.

“The gift recipient would effectively receive between 20 to 50% more than they would from a regular transaction.”

Nashville Downtown Partnership


The Nashville Downtown Partnership has set up a Sponsorship system in which giveaways, service fees, and BOGOs are funded by generous donors classified as Lead and Associate Sponsors.

Lead Sponsors

Associate Sponsors

Yiftee eGift cards backed by law firms, banks, and other supporting businesses have historically seen exponential boosts in gifting. Downtown Dollars should expect tremendous results from their launch!

Corporate Partnerships

In addition to BOGOs, Downtown Dollars is eager to help the Nashville business community set up Employee Rewards Programs and Bulk Gifting Opportunities. Bulk gifting is a simple and effective way for both businesses and individuals input the email addresses of all of the recipients and send them out in just minutes.

Be on the lookout for the launch of Nashville’s Downtown Dollars! (Expected upon Nashville’s phase 3 reopening designation.)

Are you a Downtown Nashville vendor? Join Downtown Dollars here

Are you looking to set up your community with eGift cards? Have more questions about Yiftee and eGift card programs? Set up a demo here

yifteePartnering with Sponsors can Exponentially Increase Local eGift Card Sales – Featuring Nashville’s Downtown Dollars

Royal Oak Launches COVID-19 Relief Program

by yiftee on July 24, 2020

As small businesses struggle to come back from COVID-19 related setbacks, the Royal Oak Downtown Development Association in Royal Oak, Michigan is working hard to support the local community. The typically lively downtown area has been heavily affected by the shutdown and social distancing measures. To help these businesses, Royal Oak DDA has put together the Downtown Dollars program–rewarding residents and visitors who sign up with local gifts. By signing up for the Downtown Development Association’s consumer newsletter, people will receive a $20 eGift card powered by Yiftee. With $500,000 allotted to be directly spent at local businesses, this program is encouraging the local community to engage and support their community. 

This program is already taking off! Royal Oak visitors and residents are quickly heading downtown to support restaurants, coffee shops, and local stores. While this injection of funds will help businesses immediately benefit from this investment, it will also help them acquire new customers long term. In the next two months, residents will have the opportunity to to visit various new businesses they might have not visited otherwise. With nearly 60 businesses participating, there is something for everyone in Royal Oak. 

The quick success of this program has been featured in local news throughout Royal Oak in the last few days. Read more about Royal Oak and Downtown Dollars in both the Royal Oak Tribune and Click On Detroit.

Spending time in Royal Oak soon? Claim your $20 eGift card today!

yifteeRoyal Oak Launches COVID-19 Relief Program

Bring Your Community Together from the Safety of Home with Community Card Contests!

by yiftee on July 18, 2020

Fremont Puts on a Porch Parade with Gift Fremont Prizes for the Best Decorated Homes

The past few months have forced communities across the country to re-envision what gathering and celebrating looks like. From graduations and weekend farmers’ markets to annual holidays, the pandemic has put many staple community activities on hold. This month, the 4th of July was no exception. In Fremont, however, passionate community members didn’t let this stop them. Though a physical parade and a city fireworks show were out of the question, residents were able to celebrate their special day with a porch parade and house decor competition. Gift Fremont, an eGift card program launched in coordination with Yiftee, made delivering these gifts easy and safe. 

The Fourth was different this year, but Fremont’s residents were still able to show love for their city!

With five total categories—Most Patriotic, Most Outstanding, People’s Choice, Spirit of Freedom, and Neighborhood—community members were able to show their support in a number of creative ways. Winners earn scaled eGift cards, with a 1st place Neighborhood gift of $200. They can choose an eGift card from between over 40 of the city’s independent businesses, and the eGifts never expire! This program was made possible by the hard work of Fremont’s residents, as well as Gift Fremont.

Yiftee is proud to be spreading love in communities across the country during these uncertain times.

City and Sponsor Funds Provide Bonus Gifts on Top of Prizes

This 4th of July contest highlights the full potential of the Gift Fremont eGift program. Winners receive gifts to be redeemed at local businesses in the community. Additional funds provided by the city and corporate sponsors allow each recipient to also earn a bonus eGift. $5 bonuses were sent to all 2nd and 3rd place decorators, and $15 bonuses were sent to each of the 1st place winners. These bonuses function as part of Gift Fremont’s efforts to stimulate spending at local businesses in the community. Thanks to donations by the city and Seagate, a proud program sponsor, Fremont’s local businesses have seen a return of nearly three times as much spending in the community.

The Power of eGifting During the Pandemic

As work and school slow down during the summer months, especially during the pandemic, many of us may be feeling isolated and lonely. With Yiftee and creative solutions like Fremont’s porch parade, this doesn’t have to be the case. 4th of July celebrations aren’t the only time to come together with your community. Yiftee’s eGifts can be used to inject some fun and care into gatherings and events that can no longer take place in person. Whether it’s a digital block party, competitions with family friends, or simply showing appreciation, the eGift is the perfect way to have fun, all while keeping local dollars local!

yifteeBring Your Community Together from the Safety of Home with Community Card Contests!

Supporting Businesses Reopening After COVID-19: Community Funds Reinvigorate Local Business in Frisco, CO

by yiftee on July 7, 2020

Empowering Reopening Businesses with Yiftee

Yiftee loves what we do, which is empowering communities through its small businesses with our eGift card solutions. Connecting communities to shop locally is our priority today and everyday, especially in the wake of COVID-19. As we work to reopen our cities, helping our communities get back on track is imperative. As of this month, Yiftee has teamed up with nearly 100 communities nationwide to foster the growth of local economies after a stagnant time. In this time, we have consistently been impressed by the level of loving commitment our communities have shown in their effort to uplift their local businesses. With this commitment of community partners to support their local businesses powered by Yiftee, we are excited to support the incredible strides of communities emerging from this troubling time for business.

Frisco, CO Shelters their Tourism-Driven Market from the COVID-19 Storm

The launch of the Love Frisco, Shop Frisco eGift Card program is a perfect example of this. A community card created by the initiative of the partnership of Town Council of Frisco, Colorado and Town of Frisco staff, the Love Frisco, Shop Frisco eGift Card has already generated over $115,000 for its local businesses in less than one month. This is attributed to the incredible generosity and active promotional efforts of the Town Council and staff working together for their community. 

In an added effort to promote shopping locally throughout the town, the Town of Frisco, Colorado introduced a promotional program. Love Frisco, Shop Frisco eGift Card buyers are awarded a bonus gift of approximately 33% with a card purchase of $30, $75, or $120. This promotion began June 12, 2020 and will continue until August 31, 2020 or while supplies last:

  • Spend $30, receive a bonus $10
  • Spend $75, receive a bonus $25
  • Spend $120, receive a bonus $40

Rebuilding Business Stability for The Long Term

The Frisco Town Council has made an investment into their community and local spending by funding the program with $125,000 to encourage the community to shop and stay locally. Their promotional matching program gives shoppers incentive to support local business and multiplies the dollars for consumers to spend and merchants to earn. This investment is already paying off, allowing a community largely dedicated to tourism-driven marketing to persevere through a difficult time due to the COVID-19 restrictions. With this community gifting program and encouraging promotion, Frisco small business merchants stand to make approximately $340,000; making an investment that will benefit the community not only today, but that ripples long into the future. 

This program is not only providing for the current crises but is looking forward to ensuring the community continues to grow together. It takes some weight off of Frisco’s local business as we all reopen our country’s businesses after months of inactivity, giving them some security in a moment of instability. The Frisco/Copper Visitor Information Center, which coordinated the program’s development, addresses how the Love Frisco, Shop Frisco eGift Card takes advantage of local resources, engineering a creative approach to help Frisco’s businesses reopen:

“During these unprecedented times, the local tourism economy in Frisco was adversely affected by temporary closures and restrictions to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Through community conversations with local businesses, the Town of Frisco brainstormed a wide range of ways to help businesses succeed through the pandemic. The Love Frisco, Shop Frisco eGift card program has done just that by stimulating the local economy with a bonus eGift card per purchase that can be spent in participating local businesses.”

Know someone in Frisco, CO? Send a Love Frisco, Shop Frisco Card today!

yifteeSupporting Businesses Reopening After COVID-19: Community Funds Reinvigorate Local Business in Frisco, CO

Corporate Partnerships For Small Business Relief

by yiftee on June 22, 2020

The City of Fremont Rallies to Support Small Businesses

Though the past few months have been difficult, they have also shown the incredible compassion that makes individual local communities across the country so special. From chambers to corporations, everyone has been a part of making sure that we come out of COVID-19 the right way—together. In this spirit, to help the seventy (and growing!) communities that we power, Yiftee has waived merchant fees through September 30th. When community members, local government, small businesses, and large corporate employers come together, the Yiftee eGift card has the potential to transform a community by providing small business relief.

See the power of local gifting first-hand with Gift Fremont, a program launched by the city of Fremont to provide relief to local, independently-owned businesses. In just four weeks, Gift Fremont has generated over $6000 for thirty of the small businesses that call Fremont home. That’s not all. 

As part of this city-wide eGift campaign, Gift Fremont has also implemented an additional promotion to help generate interest in the program:

  • Buy a gift of $20+ value and receive an additional $5
  • Buy a gift of $40+ value and receive an additional $15

The city has generously set aside $5000 to cover the value of the eGifts, and local merchants have seen this fund translate into over three times that amount in local spending. 

Seagate Gives Back to Its Community

Gift Fremont recently announced a new partnership with Seagate, a Fremont-based data storage company. Seagate has announced that it will provide a $5000 injection into this promotional campaign, allowing for Gift Fremont to meet the high demand for eGift cards well into the summer months.

This has given local merchants a breath of fresh air in a stifling business environment by taking an active role in protecting their community. Fremont’s Mayor Lily Mei speaks on the role that Seagate is playing in maintaining the diversity of Fremont’s small businesses as the pandemic continues to shutter businesses across the country. 

“Fremont is defined by a rich history and culture that can clearly be seen through our small independent businesses that proudly chose Fremont as home, many of whom have been adversely impacted by the pandemic. Gift Fremont combats these financial impacts by not only showcasing our local small businesses but also stimulating the local economy and uniting our community through this challenging time by utilizing technology and creativity. We are extremely thankful for Seagate’s support of the program and encourage other Fremont companies to consider supporting the small business ecosystem in Fremont as well.” 

Send a Yiftee to friends and family today!

yifteeCorporate Partnerships For Small Business Relief

Send Your Grad an eGift Card to Their Hometown Favorites

by yiftee on June 3, 2020

A Yiftee eGift Card is a perfect way to celebrate your grad this year. The class of 2020 will go down as one of the most resilient, problem-solving, and hardworking classes in history. Despite numerous obstacles, countless students have shown their support for one another, even while completing their degrees virtually. Our grads may have received their degrees via mail, “walked across the stage” over Zoom, or even driven by their schools in lieu of a traditional ceremony. However, our 2020 grads still deserve the same praise for their accomplishments, in fact, they deserve it even more!

How Yiftee eGift Cards Make the Perfect Gifts

Whether your community uses Yiftee Express eGift Cards or Community eGift Cards, Yiftee allows you to send virtual eGift certificates local restaurants, clothing stores, tennis class, nail salons, and more of your grad’s favorite spots in town. Many graduates are sheltering at home for the time being, so what better gift than treating them to their favorite foods and items they grew up with.

But wait, there are even more perks

  1. Guarantee Gifts People will Love!– Yiftee Community Cards allow your grad to choose between a number of stores provided on a universally accepted card for participating vendors. Express Cards let you select an eGift for one establishment you know they will love.
  2. Buy Without Leaving Home – Stay home, stay safe, buy online.
  3. Send eGift Cards in Bulk – Have a massive family? No one gets left behind when you buy with Yiftee! Include multiple email addresses or phone numbers to send eGift Cards to a large number of recipients
  4. Choose the Amount – Make sure your brother, bestie, and co-worker all feel included (without the pressure of limited amount options)
  5. Support Local Businesses – Gen Z has been hailed for social consciousness efforts and activism. By providing your grad with a local card, it gives them the opportunity to support their community
  6. Helps Stores Temporarily Closed Due to COVID – Sending an eGift Card to your grad’s favorite hairdresser or nail salon, gives them the opportunity to help them now, and get their hair-do soon after!

Find out More

Know a deserving grad? Want to thank an employee? – Send a Yiftee!

Have a business? – Set up an eGift Card in minutes. It’s easy!

About Yiftee

Yiftee is a simple, secure, PoS-independent way to sell eGift Cards online and send them by email, text or print anywhere in the U.S. Self-sign-up takes just minutes to set up a custom-branded card with a unique URL for proactive local marketing outreach, plus access through Facebook, Instagram and other eGift Card Marketplaces. Yiftee serves thousands of local businesses and has been doing so since 2012. 

Yiftee website

yifteeSend Your Grad an eGift Card to Their Hometown Favorites

Exciting News: Yiftee’s Collaboration with Facebook to Provide eGift Cards To Support Local Businesses!

by yiftee on June 3, 2020

On April 16, 2020, Yiftee, Inc officially announced that they were chosen by Facebook, Inc to make 2,000+ local business and community eGift cards easily purchasable on Facebook and Instagram as a new simple way to support local businesses!

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to support local businesses. Even if you are not currently able to use the services of your favorite movie theater or nail salon, buying a Yiftee is a simple way to show your appreciation for them while their current revenue sources are limited. Yiftee’s relationship with Facebook and Instagram brings your favorite local take-out spots, spas, and salons right to your fingertips in the Facebook and Instagram apps.

While we are all taking steps as a community to embrace social-distancing policies and to help flatten the curve, you can send an eGift card without even leaving the couch. During this period of uncertainty and prolonged isolation, Yiftee makes it easier to show the special people in your life that you are thinking about them and supporting their local shops and restaurants.


There are three ways to buy eGifts on Facebook and the FB app

1) Find eGift Cards Listed in Your Area!

FB uses your zip code to find local eGift cards, but you can also adjust the radius and change the location if you want to send an eGift to a friend in another city

Facebook can now inform you of eGift Cards you can buy for nearby businesses, based on your zip code! You may see a featured post of these local Gift Card options, OR you can find eGift Cards by going to Facebook’s new Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Center–> How You Can Help–> Support Local Businesses–> Buy Gift Cards

2) Explore the eGift cards listed on Yiftee’s FB page!

There are two new ways to find a Yiftee-eGift Card on Facebook! First, check out the SHOP feature on Yiftee’s FB page to see a comprehensive listing of our merchants.

Find something you like? Click the link to find the business’ details. You also have the option to tag a friend, save the post for later, and share it!

Finally, the Check Out on Website feature will allow you to purchase a Yiftee eGift card for the amount of your choosing which you can easily send to your friends, family, and co-workers to show your appreciation!

3) Buy an eGift card directly on the company’s FB page!

Already know where you want to buy an eGift Card? Go directly to the company’s FB page and check out the Gift Cards feature. That’s it!


Find us on your favorite company’s profile, bio, or story!

Instagram has enhanced their features to enable local businesses to promote themselves during this period of ambiguity, adding a “Gift Card” button so customers can purchase eGift cards in just a few clicks!

Here’s a link on how to do it: https://help.instagram.com/225148872171072?helpref=uf_permalink&amp%3Bfbclid=IwAR3VPbGTgpg7s10uPlF8U3UPfHfgTb7on0SVLn4X5HAN-za3X34V_-OPvdU

Find out More

Know a deserving grad? Want to thank an employee? – Send a Yiftee!

Have a business? – Set up an eGift Card in minutes. It’s easy!

About Yiftee

Yiftee is a simple, secure, PoS-independent way to sell eGift Cards online and send them by email, text or print anywhere in the U.S. Self-sign-up takes just minutes to set up a custom-branded card with a unique URL for proactive local marketing outreach, plus access through Facebook, Instagram and other eGift Card Marketplaces. Yiftee serves thousands of local businesses and has been doing so since 2012. 

Yiftee website

yifteeExciting News: Yiftee’s Collaboration with Facebook to Provide eGift Cards To Support Local Businesses!

Is Your City Set Up With Yiftee Express eGift Cards Yet? – Check Out Shreveport, Louisiana!

by yiftee on June 3, 2020
Shreveport Express Cards feature eGift Cards for several local vendors including restaurants, interior designers, tennis facilities, and more!

Yiftee is an eGift Card company that supports local business by allowing customers to buy and send eGift cards from their favorite restaurants, salons, and shops without ever having to leave the vicinity of their homes.

The COVID-19 crisis has hit small businesses particularly hard. One analyst predicted as many as 15,000 will close permanently resulting in hundreds of thousands of lost jobs. Yiftee can help. Our eGift Card service can generate cash for small businesses even when they are closed.

What are Express Cards?

Express cards allow individual restaurants, salons, and ice cream shops to promote their own eGift cards.

1: Merchants Can Promote eGift Cards Specific to Their Store!

You can purchase an Express eGift Card directly on the website, Facebook Page, or Instagram of a participating Yiftee merchant.

We suggest that merchants add a “Gift Card” tab to increase visibility to this gifting option, to bring increased traffic from customers. Similarly, a “Gift Card” page can be added on the store’s Facebook page, making the cards easily findable.

2: Customers Can Both Purchase and Send eGift Cards Through the Link Provided

  1. Choose the amount you want to send as an eGift Card
  2. Provide an email or phone number of the recipient
  3. Write the recipient a personalized message for their birthday, graduation, or simply just because!
  4. Yiftee verifies the card, processes the payment, and delivers the gift, protecting your credit card from fraud in the process

PS. Yiftee even sends your gift recipients reminders to use their eGift card!

Yiftee Express eGift Cards give merchants the option to either:

  • Personalize their own banner image and card design
  • Select a card template from our library
  • Our team can customize the images upon request

Customers pay an eDelivery fee of $1+5% to cover initial credit card fees and fraud protection, a cost the merchant can choose to absorb

3: Redeeming the eGift Card is Easy

Customer presents eGift Card on either:

  1. Mobile device
  2. Printed on a piece of paper

That’s it!

The merchant can then redeem the card online in their Yiftee portal by entering the gift code number & amount specified.

Yiftee’s merchant portal can be easily accessed using a smartphone, tablet, or browser. On the portal, they can “refund” the amount if applicable and automatically view the updated balance in their account.

Shreveport, Louisiana is Already Using Yiftee Express Cards!

After launching with Yiftee, Shreveport’s eGift Cards have received over 74,000 impressions! Shreveport services over three dozen Yiftee Express Cards for the city’s prominent vendors including restaurants like El Cabo Verde and Giuseppe’s Pastacaffe, and also Haus of Beaute beauty and esthetician services. Even closed shops are able to get the money from Express Cards when they are sold, as a way to empower your hardest hit local businesses during the coronavirus.

View all of the Express Cards in Your Town!

In addition to finding Yiftee Express eGift Cards on merchants’ websites and social media, Yiftee makes it easy to view the entire collection of cards offered within your community. Check out Shreveport’s collection here.

Want to See Other Options? Learn about Yiftee Community eGift Cards

  • Yiftee’s community cards, like the Detroit card, function for multiple participating vendors within a given area.
  • To learn more about community cards, click here!

Not Set Up? Get Started With Yiftee!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is yiftee.jpeg

Our support team can have your business up and selling gift cards in 30 minutes. Our contracts are month-to-month and flexible! Take a look at our eGift card start kit here.

  • Create an account – Create your Yiftee account here.
  • Run Activation Card – Our gift card program is compatible with every point of sale. Just run the MasterCard activation card on your dashboard.
  • Brand your Sales Page – We host a gift card sales page branded entirely to your business.
yifteeIs Your City Set Up With Yiftee Express eGift Cards Yet? – Check Out Shreveport, Louisiana!

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Panic? Come to Your Customers’ Rescue with E-Gift Cards!

by yiftee on May 9, 2020

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate our biggest cheerleader and inspirer for her caring, sacrifice, and support. Although some of us are unable to get together this holiday, during the quarantine, we can still show our loved ones that we have them in our hearts and minds.

Americans send over 113 million Mother’s Day cards a year, as it is the third-largest card-sending holiday in the United States. Virtual gifting is a tremendous alternative for those limited in their ability to obtain and deliver cards or packages, during these difficult times.

Yiftee makes it easy for your customers to still give mom the gift of her favorite shops and restaurants, in the form of an easy-to-use E-Gift Card! Learn how your business can adopt simple and effective tools to promote your eGift Cards this holiday.

“A Mother is your first friend, your best friend, your friend forever.”


Yiftee E-Gift Cards are

  • FAST! — Customers can send an e-Gift Card via email or text, without the stress of wondering if the postal service will deliver by May 10th.
  • EASY! — Yiftee makes it simple for people of all ages to present an eGift Card on a mobile device (or even print it on paper!) It can be redeemed either in-store or over the phone.
  • MEANINGFUL! — Customers can write mom a personalized message wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day to express gratitude.

Tips and Tricks to Get Your Customers to Send E-Gift Cards this Mother’s Day

Email Marketing

  • Send customers the link to your eGift Card as a last-minute gift idea that moms are guaranteed to love
    • With the added benefit of supporting local businesses
    • Download a customer email list from the ‘Gifts Sold’ report in the Yiftee portal

Social Media

  • Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Twitter, and Trip Advisor are powerful tools for spreading the word (and link) for your Mother’s Day eCards


Do a ‘Text-A-Gift’ Promo

  • Text-A-Gift is an SMS Text Message tool that adds valuable measurability to your advertising and marketing promotions. It allows you to create an SMS list for ongoing marketing of your choice, within texting guidelines
  • We have seen between 25% and 85% redemption rates on promotional text gifts. Redemption varies based on gift-value, time to expiration, and business type.
  • Text-A-Gift works much better than coupons which typically have a 2-3% redemption rate
    • Customers perceive it as a gift, enhancing your brand rather than appearing as a discount. Campaign set up and per-gift fees apply
  • Test how Text-A-Gift works: Text SMITTEN to 855-890-2028 and get a demo-gift

Buy One, Get One Free

  • Set up a “Buy One, Get One Free” (BOGO) promotion as an extra incentive to get customers to send your eGift card this Mother’s Day
  • Specify start and end dates for your promotion, the “Buy” amount, the “Get” amount, the start date that you “Get One” can be used and its expiration date
    • P.S. This technique also helps to bring extra traffic to your store during slower periods
  • Email support@yiftee.com to set up BOGO. Campaign set up and per-gift fees apply.

Not Set up with Yiftee Yet? Get started!

Our support team can have your business up and selling gift cards in 30 minutes. Our contracts are month-to-month and flexible! Take a look at our eGift card start kit here.

  • Create an account – Create your Yiftee account here.
  • Run Activation Card – Our gift card program is compatible with every point of sale. Just run the MasterCard activation card on your dashboard.
  • Brand your Sales Page – We host a gift card sales page branded entirely to your business.
yifteeLast-Minute Mother’s Day Panic? Come to Your Customers’ Rescue with E-Gift Cards!