Data & Analytics Show Real Value to Local Businesses

Know who your customers are and track the new revenue your Merchant and Community eGift Cards produce

Capture Customer Contact Info For Email and SMS Lists

yiftee data analytics dashboard

It’s much harder to get a new customer than keep the ones you have – we can help.

  • No list? Yiftee captures customer email and/or SMS numbers with programs that build your list:

  • Have a list? Easily upload it to Yiftee to send bulk eGifts to sell more cards.

  • Conduct your own email outreach at the holidays, for example, to remind previous card buyers to purchase them again for friends and family.

Show individual stores the actual revenue you’ve created for them

It’s as simple as…

  • Run real-time reports of “gifts redeemed” that show exactly where your cards are being spent.
  • Send this data to participating shops and restaurants to highlight the value you are delivering.
  • Share these results with your board of directors and management.

Analyze Campaign Results

harry buffalos data analytics dashboard

Measure and optimize your promotions

  • Run reports on gifters, campaigns, gifts given, gifts redeemed, locations redeemed, date sold/redeemed.

  • Compare campaign results to know which campaigns are most productive at generating business.

  • Add custom data fields to track specifics of your campaigns.

  • Export data as CSV for further analysis.

Understand Customer Behavior

Identify and reward your most loyal customers

  • Thank repeat gifters with an eGift reward with your personal message.

  • Measure seasonal trends and create campaigns to fill the gaps.

  • Augment your existing loyalty rewards with eGifts that surprise & delight.

farm and fork data analytics dashboard

Learn more about Yiftee’s data & analytics dashboard

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