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Case study – Retro Fitness

Our SMS Marketing platform has provided great results to our merchants!

Retro Fitness, a health club that uses Yiftee’s eGift Card and promotions platform, ran TV commercials for 14 days in December 2015 and early January 2016 featuring Yiftee’s Text­-A­-Gift to award $50 Retro Fitness gifts to 100 people each day. TV viewers watching the commercial were invited to text in to get a gift in real time. Retro Fitness could view how many people were engaged, how many claimed gifts, how many viewed their gifts, how many gifts were redeemed (to purchase new memberships), the value redeemed and the location where each gift was redeemed. The campaign resulted in $90,000 in new membership sales.

retro fitness text-a-gift

Invite your customers to engage with your business

Text-A-Gift is an instant way to engage with customers and bring them in your store.  It adds valuable measurability to your advertising and marketing promotions. Text-A-Gift brings new and current customers into your store and creates the perfect opportunity to impress and upsell. It also builds an SMS list for future marketing campaigns.

How it Works

  1. Add your Text-A-Gift number to email, social, print, radio, TV or event marketing.
  2. Invite customers to text a chosen word
  3. They immediately receive an eGift Card of the value you choose at your store, which they must bring in to redeem.
  4. Measure your ad effectiveness with actual redemptions in store.

Try it out:


text-a-gift demo

For demonstration purposes only. Data Rates may apply.

*You control the Text-A-Gift campaign specifications such as expiration date and quantity to drive traffic during slow periods and manage budget. Yiftee will work with you to set it up and adhere to your specifications. Yiftee will also limit recipients to one per phone number.

Yiftee’s Text-a-Gift product


  • We have seen between 25% and 85% redemption rates on promotional text gifts.
  • Redemption varies based on gift value, time to expiration, and business type.
  • Text-A-Gift works much better than coupons which typically have a 2-3% redemption rate.
  • Customers perceive it as a gift, enhancing your brand rather than appearing as a discount.
text-a-gift benefits
text-a-gift benefits

Managing to budget

  • Pay-for-performance for large campaigns.
  • Set the parameters such as how many gifts you want to offer, value of gifts, number of gifts per day, expiration period.
  • Whether redeemed or not, the value of the gift comes back to you, either as a customer coming in the store, or as a refund to your Yiftee account.

Engage with your customers

  • Fun and delightful delivery.  Perfect for engaging with audiences at events such as stadiums, festivals, etc.
  • Every gift sends reminders that are “helpful” and not solicitations.
  • Text-A-Gift builds an SMS database and incentivize customers to join by offering a gift.
  • Easily blast messages to your customers about latest news and special deals.
text-a-gift benefits

Text-a-Gift reports and analytics

Get data from your campaigns that leads to smarter marketing

text-a-gift analytics

Rich analytics not available with coupons and codes

  • Detailed report at an individual gift levels
  • Who redeems, when, and at which location the gift was redeemed.
  • Track redemptions by campaign. Each campaign has its own set of reporting so that you can optimize future efforts.

Capture customers’ attention

  • The response report illustrates data on when your customers are engaging, viewable hourly, daily, or monthly.
  • An SMS mailing list is automatically built for you, each customer is added as a unique contact.
  • Analyze a contact’s engagement/redemption throughout multiple campaigns.

Management tools

  • Monitor campaigns in real-time.
  • Cancel or resend gifts.
  • Campaign-specific customers lists.
  • Augment data-sets with third-party data.
  • Yiftee manages opt-outs for you to respect your customers’ wishes and adhere to legal requirements.
text-a-gift analytics

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