We are a combination of successful entrepreneurs with six IPOs and two acquisitions under our belts, social media experts, masters of big data and well-connected community leaders. Our investors are small business experts, consumer marketers and gifting aficionados. Our strategy is simple: build products that consumers love and that drive revenue for our merchants. Treat customers and merchants right.

  • Aldo Briano
    Co-Founder, Product Manager and Development
  • Jon Kepecs
    Co-Founder, Product Strategy and Development
  • Lori Laub
    Co-Founder, Customer and Merchant Engagement
  • Donna Novitsky
    Co-Founder, CEO
  • Verónica Borges
    Lead iOS Developer and Everything UX
  • Steve Chan
    Software Engineering
  • Diane Hoetler
    Merchant and Customer Care
  • Clark Kepler
    Local Business Advocate
  • Simona Hodek Martin
  • Matt Green
    Developer Evangelist
  • Debbie Voorhees
  • Javier Ramirez
    Corporate Sales
  • Juan Parra
  • Brooke Frewing
    Business Development
  • Karen Hoffert
    Merchant and Customer Support

Investors and Advisors

Yiftee benefits from a group of very experienced angel investors and advisors, equally divided between men and women, all of whom participate actively in the company. They include the founder and chairman of the largest provider of financial software for small and medium business, a board member of a franchisor/operator of over 3,300 stores, a top tier venture capital firm, head of market research for a major women’s beauty and consumer products company, head of a major franchise strategy and technology consulting firm, financial/M&A experts and leaders in consumer marketing.

Merchant Engagement Managers

Yiftee is growing rapidly throughout the United States with the help of our Merchant Engagement Managers (MEMs). Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a MEM or working with us in any capacity. The position has flexible hours and compensation based on results.
  • Eliza Gray
  • Nicole Hall-Brown
  • John Novitsky
  • Chris Parker
  • Jennifer Reither

Yiftee Connectors

Are you connected to the people and places in your community? Do you enjoy supporting local merchants, and giving gifts? Become a Yiftee Connector and help us serve the people and businesses you love. Share your ideas on how to honor holidays, a special moment, a job well done or just because. Tell us which stores and gifts you and your friends would treasure! Enjoy sending the free gifts that Yiftee will award you for being a Connector.

It’s easy, fun and rewarding to participate and get others involved, so they can also have a Yiftee Voice! To sign up as a Yiftee Connector in your community today, register here and receive your first Yiftee Connector gift, good for a local gift in your community. Stay involved as one of the top 100 Yiftee Connectors and help us share and grow Yiftee one Voice, one Community, one Gift at a time.

Campus Ambassadors

Calling all college students! We are currently working to expand our Campus Care Package 2.0 Program, and we are looking to hire students to make this happen. Campus Ambassadors are primarily responsible for signing up businesses near their school, and they are also expected to develop connections with parent groups and organizations on campus. The position has flexible hours, with compensation based on results, so it's great for students who want a job that allows them to focus on their studies and enjoy the college lifestyle while enhancing their resume!

Please contact us at if you are interested.