Gift Card Program For Your Business

Offer gift cards on your website and Facebook

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How does Yiftee’s gift card program work?

Set up a button on your website and Facebook 

We work with brick & mortar as well as online stores! We generate a link/button to your gift card sales page that we place on your website.

We build you a gift card sales landing page

This page is branded specifically to your business. Customers select denomination, enter recipient information, recipient will get eGift instantly or schedule for later.

Run an activation card on your credit card machine

As long as your take MasterCards on your credit card machine, you can accept Yiftee eGift cards. We work with every point of sale system!

Navigate customers to your eGift cards

Use email blasts, social media, newsletters, and in-house marketing to promote your online gift cards and get as much visibility as possible.

Redemption is Simple

We partner with MasterCard meaning our eGift cards contain a 16-digit credit card number. Punch this number into your credit card machine when a customer shows you their voucher.

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Pizza My Heart CEO Chuck Hammers describes how Yiftee’s gift card program has boosted his business:

See what our merchants say about us!

“Our guests, especially millennials, rely on their smart phones, and we want to be there with them. The eGift Cards provide our guests with a quick and easy way to purchase, send and redeem gift cards via a variety of digital platforms”

Joel Bulger, Chief Marketing Office

pizza my heart gift card program

“For every single $20 Yiftee eGift redeemed at my shop, the customer chose to buy more than just the $20 pizza. They typically bought salads and/or drinks, resulting in an average sale of $29.50. That’s a 50% upsell!”

Chuck Hammers, CEO

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