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The Yiftee Gift Card button takes your customer to your Yiftee powered landing page where they easily purchase your gift card.

No-Hassle Gift Cards in Action

Watch this video to see why a local pizza joint uses Yiftee as its gift card solution.

Read how a local burger place sold over $5,000 in gift cards in their first three months using Yiftee.

Gift Cards On Your Website

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21st Amendment


Danville Chocolates

  • “I love seeing all the new customers coming in to our cafe from the Yiftee promotion we recently did! I’m a firm believer that having Yiftee as a marketing partner. It's one of my better decisions.”  

    Mark Pope, Owner of La Lune Sucrée
  • “When we heard about Yiftee, we signed up without a second thought — it’s just a great way to give gifts.”

    Charles Nelson, Owner of Toque Blanche on Main Street in Half Moon Bay
  • "Yiftee is a great way to send thoughtful gifts while promoting local business.”

    Alena Barragan, Owner of Alena Jean
  • “Yiftee is easy to set up. Micro gifts — a novel concept, is a perfect fit with my customer base.”

    A Grape in the Fog
    Beth Lemke, Owner of A Grape In The Fog
  • "What’s wonderful about the concept is that, in this busy time in our lives, Yiftee makes it easy to say ‘thank you’ or ‘I care about you."

    Julie Love, Owner of Ressurected
  • "I never heard to Yiftee or the Salem Beer works, but received at gift via text. The bartenders thought it was very cool, I simply gave them my phone and they ran the Master Card. Yiftee will be perfect for dinner certificates I give to my clients on a regular basis. "

    IMG_1868 - Copy
    Bill – New York
  • "I've been telling all of my friends about Yiftee -- a great way to text or email people a quick note and a gift to a local biz -- and now I'm sharing some of my favorite local spots"

    Clark Kepler
  • "I was the recent recipient of a manicure.  The process was so simple and it exposed me to a new business I had never tried.  I will definitely go back and am telling all my friends about Yiftee!"

    Carol M.
  • "For every single $20 Yiftee eGift redeemed at my shop, the customer chose to buy more than just the $20 pizza. They typically bought salads and/or drinks, resulting in an average sale of $29.50. That's a 50% upsell!"

    Chuck Hammers, the Big Cheese at Pizza My Heart
    Chuck Hammers, The Big Cheese at Pizza My Heart
  • "Yiftee is fun for us, for our customers, and for people being introduced to us for the first time.  It allows our fans to expose their friends to our products.  We had a customer whose out-of-town friend bought him a Yiftee - he got all excited about our biscuits.”

    Honest Bisquits
    Art Stone, Owner of Honest Bisquits

How to Redeem a Yiftee

Processing Yiftee a Gift Card is Simple
  • Step 1

    Customers show up with a digital gift voucher on their smart phones.

  • Step 2

    Key in the 16 digit code, expiration date and CVV, just as you would a phone order.

  • Step 3

    Any change left on the voucher remains on the voucher. No worries.

Anyone can be a Yiftee Merchant

If you accept MasterCard, we can list you. Yiftee eGift enables all types of merchants. Coffee shops, bakeries, boutiques, restaurants, local grocery shops, spas, car washes, kid stores and more.