Improve and Measure your Print, TV, Radio, Event, and Billboard Ads

Make your traditional media ads actionable!

Activate Your Advertising To Increase Revenue

Most businesses are already spending thousands of dollars a year on traditional advertising. Whether it’s your local newspaper, Facebook, or other forms of outreach, it’s nearly impossible to measure your campaign’s effectiveness. Find out what works by adding a simple call-to-action to your ads. Invite prospective customers to get a gift by texting in a code word, sending a gift to a friend or registering for your Birthday Club. You can then measure responses and sales to determine which ads actually drive the behavior you want — customers in store.

Creative Event and Sports Marketing

Augment your event and sports marketing with a scoreboard game that meets fans where they are – on their smart phones. Speak with your Yiftee representative about our relationships with sports teams and entertainment venues, or bring us your own events and partners and we will work with them to deliver great results.

“This is a unique digital campaign that elevates the fan experience for everyone in attendance. It is not your typical game feature that gives fans four multiple-choice options. By guessing the kickoff outcome – touchback, touchdown, or yard line – fans have an opportunity to win a free pizza from Pizza My Heart through Yiftee.”

Chuck Hammers, CEO of Pizza My Heart
pizza my heart egift card page

Measure and Optimize

Make informed decisions about your advertising

How Effective Are Your Ads?

  • Yiftee tracks customer engagement by campaign. From your Yiftee Dashboard, you can see in real time who has interacted with your ad and who has redeemed their gift, for how much and in what stores.
  • You’ll know exactly which traditional campaigns resonate with customers and what motivates them to come.
  • Focus your ad dollars where they generate actual revenue.

Build Your Contact Lists

  • When people engage and get your eGift, you get their contact information, and Yiftee will send automatic reminders to redeem their gift.
  • Yiftee captures email and mobile numbers to build or augment your marketing lists. We adhere to all SMS opt-out and list management requirements to keep you safe.

Yiftee “Calls-to-Action”

Make Your ads fun and engaging

Interactive Gifting

  • Invite people to “text to get a gift” in your ads. They immediately receive your gift by return text, which they redeem in store.
  • Reach out to potential and existing customers in volume. We have seen between 25% and 85% redemption rates on promotional text gifts.
  • Text-A-Gift works much better than coupons which typically have a 2-3% redemption rate. Also, customers perceive it as a gift, enhancing your brand rather than appearing as a discount.
  • Create an SMS list for ongoing marketing of your choice, within texting guidelines.

> Learn more about Text-A-Gift

Buy One, Get One

  • Double your in-store traffic with a buy one, get one offer for the gift recipient and the giver! Promote your campaign in email and traditional ads and measure increased sales.
  • Yiftee will help you launch a creative BOGO promotion specially designed to your business goals.
  • Our merchants have found great success in motivating customers to give gifts by letting buyers get something extra for themselves. Think store openings, holidays, or any excuse to boost your eGift Card sales and in-store traffic!

> Learn more about BOGO Promotions!

Birthday Club

  • The Birthday Club tool is a great way to promote loyalty for your brand. 
  • Let people know about your Birthday Club on social media and your website to generate more business and send a friendly reminder that brings them back in.

> Learn more about Yiftee’s Birthday Club

Find out how Yiftee can improve on your traditional ad spend

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