How It Works
Be Spontaneous!
Don’t miss those special moments to send a smile.

Turning Impulse to Good

Recognize a birthday, promotion, new baby, new puppy, passed (or failed) an exam, etc. without breaking the bank. What about that friend who brought you chicken soup when you were sick, or picked up your kid from school when you were stuck in traffic? Send them a Yiftee gift.

On your phone or the web:

  1. Choose a real gift at a local merchant
  2. Choose a friend (via Facebook, email or text)
  3. Personalize it with a note
  4. Pay with a credit card

Your friend gets the gift notice immediately, he or she:

  1. Is notified via Facebook, email and/or text
  2. Gets a single-use Virtual Gift Voucher, along with the gift and merchant descriptions and your note
  3. Takes their phone (any smart phone) to the merchant to pick up the gift by showing the Virtual Gift Voucher
  4. The merchant rings up the gift as usual, charging it to the Virtual Gift Voucher

It's the thought that counts!

Your friend has twelve weeks to pick up the gift. He or she may accept it, exchange it, or donate it to charity. After 90 days it expires and the money is returned to your Yiftee account and you can give another Yiftee gift.

Merchants, feature your business on Yiftee!
Featured merchants show up first in any given area that the customer searches, meaning more sales for you. The Yiftee social gifting service is as easy for you to set up as it is for your customers to use. There is no discounting, no commitments, no special technology, and no risk. Please see Feature Your Business to join.

Companies, reward your employees with Yiftee gifts and support your local community

Here’s a simple way to recognize an employee who goes the extra mile and support your local community at the same time: send Yiftee gifts! It takes only seconds to show your appreciation with a latté, glass of wine, lunch, manicure or other thoughtful gift in your company’s neighborhood. Entirely unexpected, Yiftee gifts are so much more personal than a gift card. Join the Yiftee Corporate Rewards and Recognition Program and send smiles to your employees while you support your local community. Contact for more information.