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Embed the "Gift Me" button on your website. It will take your fans directly to your Favorites Page. Make it easy for your fans to show their apreciation with a gift you are sure to like.

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Share the link to your Favorites Page on your social network or by email. You're not asking for a gift, just letting your friends and family know what you like. And if they send you a gift? Well, thats just a plus. No more awkward moments and clothes that's ohh so 90s.

What Is Yiftee?

A Yiftee™ is a gift sent by smartphone or web. Yiftee™ enables shoppers to send friends, family and co-workers gifts at favorite local businesses across the United States to say Thanks, Happy Birthday, Thinking of You and more. Yiftee gift recipients are notified instantaneously by email, text or Facebook post and can immediately pick up their gifts at neighborhood shops keeping dollars in the neighborhood and helping communities thrive. Yiftee is Social-Local-Mobile and a WIN-WIN-WIN for the business, gift giver and gift recipient.