Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: What are Yiftee gifts?

A: A Yiftee™ gift is a real gift, often $20 or less, sent by smart phone or the web to say Thanks, Happy Birthday or Just Because. Yiftee™ gifts are the new way to acknowledge life's special moments, in two minutes or less. Giftees receive them on Facebook, email or text and stop by a local merchant to pick them up. When you send a Yiftee™ gift your friend will immediately receive notice via email, text or Facebook with a single-use Virtual Gift Voucher along with the gift and merchant descriptions and a personalized note from you. Merchants use their existing credit card processing terminal to securely transact the virtual gift voucher.

Sending a Yiftee™ gift to a friend almost always results in smiles – yours and theirs.

Q: Do you need a special occasion to send a Yiftee Gift?

A: No special occasion needed! Send a Yiftee™ gift anytime. Recognize a birthday, promotion, new baby, new puppy, passed (or failed) an exam, etc. without breaking the bank. What about that friend who brought you chicken soup when you were sick, or picked up your child from school when you were stuck in traffic? Send them a Yiftee gift.
Q: I just received a Yiftee gift, how do I redeem it?

A: Open the Yiftee iPhone or Android app to view your Received Gifts; or click on the link in the email or text you received, click on the "Redeem Gift" button to access the virtual gift voucher, then simply take your phone (any smart phone) or tablet to the merchant to pick up the gift by showing them the voucher. Merchants use their existing credit card processing terminal to securely transact the virtual gift voucher. It's that easy!
Q: How do I send a Yiftee gift?

A: Using the free Yiftee iPhone App or via the Yiftee™ Android App, or via the Yiftee™ website: Choose a real gift at a local merchant ($5 - $200) or create your own using the "Build A Gift" option. Select a friend (via Facebook, email or text). Personalize it with a note. Pay with a credit card. Quick and easy!
Q: Do Yiftee™ gifts expire?

A: Yiftee™ gifts expire after 90 days. After 90 days Yiftee™ will return the value of the gift to the gift giver. At any time within the 90 days the value of the gift can also be donated to charity by clicking on the "Donate" button.
Q: What is a "Build A Gift"?

A: Yiftee Build-a-gift allows you to create custom Yiftee gifts for up to $200 to send to family and friends.
Q: Can I only send Yiftee™ gifts via Facebook?

A: In addition to sending Yiftee gifts via Facebook, Yiftee™ gifts can also be sent via text message and/or email. A Facebook account is not necessary to send someone a Yiftee™ gift.
Q: Do my friends have to have a Yiftee account to redeem a gift?

A: Recipients of Yiftee™ gifts do not need to create an account in order to redeem a gift. They just need to show the Virtual Gift Voucher to the merchant.
Q: Are Yiftee™ gifts available internationally?

A: Yiftee™ gifts are currently only offered for merchants located in the US and Puerto Rico. We hope to offer the Yiftee™ gifts everywhere in the future.
Q: How many times can a gift be redeemed?

A: Once a Yiftee™ gift has been redeemed, it cannot be redeemed again.
Q: Do you have to have a smartphone to redeem Yiftee™ gifts?

A: Sorry, but currently you will need to have a Smartphone to redeem the Yiftee™ gift you received.
Q: Do you have mobile app?

A: We currently have apps for the iPhone, Android and support most mobile web browsers.
Q: I just tried to redeem my Yiftee™ gift but the merchant won't take it. What should I do?

A: We are so sorry that you were not able to use your Yiftee™ gift. Please contact us as soon as possible and we will be happy to change the card so you can use it at another merchant of your choice.

Our Customer Care agents will be happy to help you and are available via chat, email, phone or by submitting a Customer Care Ticket. One of our Customer Care Agents will be in touch very soon
Q: I clicked the "Redeem" button on my gift but it still shows as processing.

A: If you just received a Yiftee™ gift, it can take up to 5 minutes for the gift to be fully processed in our system.  If you still aren't able to access the prepaid credit card after 5 minutes please contact us.
Q: I am a merchant. How can I be a part of the Featured Merchant Program?

A: To sign up, go here. All we need is your business contact information. It takes just minutes to sign up.
Q: Am I giving my Friends access to my credit card on their phones?

A: No Way! Your friends will receive a Virtual Gift Voucher to buy the Yiftee™ gift you selected for them. This Virtual Gift Voucher is not linked to your credit card in any way.
Q: How will I know if I receive a Yiftee gift?

A: You'll see a post on Facebook wall, text or an email, depending on how the person sending you the Yiftee™ gift chose to send it. And, if you have the Yiftee™ App on your iPhone or the Yiftee™ Android App you can allow push notifications to alert you of a new gift.
Q: How do I thank my friend for the Yiftee gift I received?

A: Each gift has a "Say Thanks" button to send your friend a quick thank-you message. Or choose the "Send a Gift Back" which is best way to say thanks!
Q: I have a question that wasn’t answered on your FAQ's...

A: Need more help? Contact for more FAQ's and additional assistance.
Q: I love Yiftee™ gifts! How can I get more involved?

A: Are you connected to the people and places in your community? Do you enjoy supporting local merchants, and giving gifts? Become a Yiftee Connector and help us serve the people and businesses you love. Share your ideas on how to honor holidays, a special moment, a job well done or 'just because'. Tell us which stores and gifts you and your friends would treasure! Enjoy sending the free gifts that Yiftee will award you for being a Connector.

It's easy, fun and rewarding to participate and get others involved, so they can also have a Yiftee voice! To sign up as a Yiftee Connector in your community today, register here and receive your first Yiftee Connector gift, good for a local gift in your community. Stay involved as one of the top 100 Yiftee Connectors and help us share and grow Yiftee one Voice, one Community, one Gift at a time.