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Why be Featured?

Thousands of merchants all across the U.S. are featured on Yiftee. Featured merchants get top billing in their regions on the Yiftee app and website. Therefore you will:
  1. Sell more products/services at non-discounted pricing
  2. Bring good customers back into your store or restaurant
  3. Benefit from a free web/mobile sales channel
No IT, no commitment, no risk! Becoming a Yiftee featured merchant very easy. All you need to do is click on the Enroll Now button and fill in your business information. It takes just minutes to sign up. See How it Works to learn more.

Redeeming a Yiftee Gift is Simple

Customers will show up with a single-use Virtual Gift Voucher on their smart phones. Enter the code and expiration date as you normally would a phone order and ring up the item. Do not exceed the maximum amount on the card or it will be rejected. Any change left over on the card is returned to the gift sender. If you have any questions, please contact Yiftee at 650-564-4438, info@yiftee.com.

Want to Participate for a Good Cause?

Check out these handmade bracelets from our partner, 3Strands. Perfect Yiftee gifts, and every bracelet contributes to the fight against sex trafficking. Make a difference. Visit the 3Strands website here to arrange.

Who is Participating?

Everyone who takes MasterCard can accept Yiftee gifts and Yiftee is fortunate to feature thousands of the best merchants in town. The list of featured merchants, i.e. those who appear at the top of the list in any given region, is growing daily. We have coffees, flowers, fro-yo, ice cream, baked goods, boutique items, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, wine and beer, stuff for kids, mani/pedis, holiday items, sporting goods, even haircuts, car washes and shoe shines!
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What is Build-A-Gift?

Any merchant who takes MasterCard is “Yiftee enabled,” meaning customers can “build-a-gift” almost anywhere. To do this, a customer chooses from a list of local merchants on Yiftee, writes a message describing the gift, and pays for it using their credit card. If the merchant has signed up to participate in Yiftee, the recipient receives a Virtual Gift Voucher, and takes it to the store to pick up the gift. If the merchant has not yet signed up to participate, the recipient gets a message saying the sender suggests this merchant and he or she can either wait until they sign up to participate, which may take up to 7 days, or they can exchange the gift immediately for a participating merchant. If the merchant opts not to participate, the recipient can choose from a number of other participating merchants, donate the gift value to charity or let it expire and it will be refunded to the sender.