Buy One, Get One Campaigns

Drive new customers in, bring existing customers back, and speed up your card sales

Why run Buy One, Get One campaigns?

The AMG Shopper Panel found that 66% of shoppers prefer Buy One, Get One promotions to other offers such as 50% off.

BOGO is a win-win for Vitality Bowls and our customers! Yiftee makes it so easy — it takes no effort and we’re excited to welcome new and returning customers.

Uriah Blum, VP of Operations at Vitality Bowls

Sponsorships fund bonus gifts, multiplying value to local businesses

Accelerate COVID relief for local shops with a Buy-One-Get-One program. Sponsor dollars fund the bonus gifts, encouraging card buyers to purchase gifts for themselves and others. Double or triple the sponsor dollar value to the merchants. This has proven to quickly grow card sales! Unlike purchased eGifts, your bonus gifts can expire. Set an expiration date to encourage that they be spent quickly. Unspent funds are returned to you for future gifting or promotions.

Put BOGOs to work and increase your foot traffic


How Yiftee BOGOs work

Drives double the traffic in store! One gift for a friend, one for your customer purchasing the offer. In addition, this campaign helps drive gift card sales during non-holiday seasons and low periods.

Setup a BOGO campaign with these simple steps:

  1. Customize your campaign’s branding 

    Design a creative campaign using your own graphics, or one of our easy-to-use templates.

  2. Configure settings

    Define offer duration, how many gifts are available, and what gift to give.

  3. Only pay for what’s used 

    Set expiration dates (anywhere from 1 day to 1 year) for your promotional gifts. Any unspent value upon expiration returns to you.

  4. Launch!

    Your BOGO will be shown as a banner on your eGift Card page. Promote it to your customers via newsletter, in-store, etc, and watch the purchases come through in real-time.

You choose all the parameters of your campaign. Define programs that fit your business with predictable costs and return on investment.

buy one, get one example

Other creative programs to encourage card sales

buy one, get one capabilities

Reward people for shopping local.

  • The Madison, IN Chamber invited residents to submit receipts and then drew a lucky winner each week whom they reward with their Community Card.

Local competition prizes.

  • During the pandemic, when gatherings were prohibited, the City of Fremont held a 4th of July exterior house decorating contest and rewarded the winners with eGift Cards from the local merchants of their choice.
buy one, get one capabilities
buy one, get one capabilities

Scavenger hunts.

  • Miamisburg, OH held scavenger hunts as businesses safely opened up post COVID-19 to encourage people to resume shopping local. They rewarded winners, fittingly, with their Explore Miamisburg Cards.

Promotion Reports and Analytics (from Buy One Get One)

Get data from your BOGO campaigns that leads to smarter marketing

buy one, get one analytics

With Yiftee you have access to a range of analytics.

  • Number of gifts sold and gift value, who bought them, and contact information.
  • Customer information stored in campaign contact lists.
  • Usage data whether buyers are self-gifting or giving gifts to someone else.
  • Data regarding time of day, redemption location, amount, etc.

Customize your campaign specifics:

  • Name
  • Campaign duration
  • Reward Amount
  • Reward expiration period
  • Limit per customer
  • Banner Image and messaging

Tune these parameters for your next campaign based on your results.

buy one, get one analytics

BOGO Results

Buy One, Get One campaigns have provided great results to our merchants!

Love Frisco, Shop Frisco eGift Card: The Frisco Town Council invested $125,000 through the redirection of tax dollars in their Love Frisco, Shop Frisco eGift Card program to encourage the community to shop and stay locally. With this community gifting program and encouraging promotion, Frisco local businesses will see $340,000 thanks to the initial investment that will benefit the community not only today, but long in the future.

GiftFremont eGift Card Marketplace: The city of Fremont, California launched their eGift Card Marketplace with a $5,000 budget to run BOGO promotions. After the early success of the card Seagate, a local tech company, decided to add another $5,000 to that promotion budget, shortly followed by an additional commitment from a global media company. As of the end of July, Fremont has sold over $15,000 worth of cards

Downtown Dollars eGift Card: Over 30 local corporations have contributed varying amounts to Downtown Nashville’s BOGO promotion for the Downtown Dollars eGift card. The Card can be used at over 50 locations (and counting) in the Downtown Nashville community. The combined donations, and resulting consumer purchases will contribute more than $400,000 to local business revenue in the coming months.

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