Get a “Birthday Club” for your business

Never miss a customer's birthday

Advantages to Yiftee’s Birthday Club Program

Grow your mailing list and delight your customers during their special day

Build an Email List

  • Offering an eGift Card increases the number of customers that opt-in for your Birthday Club, which can serve a dual purpose as a newsletter list.
  • Automatically generate a contact list for future outreach.
  • Add custom information to gather from your consumers, such as “favorite location,” “gender,” etc.
birthday club cakes
birthday club cake

Cost Effective

  • Recycle your marketing dollars. eGift Cards either bring a customer in store or the eGift Card value is refunded.
  • eGift Cards do not devalue your brand like deals and coupons.
  • Birthdays create goodwill with your customers and upsell opportunities for you.

Simple and Secure

  • No POS integration. Unlike coupons, all of your eGift Cards are unique ensured to only be used once, and cannot be duplicated or gamed.
  • Immediate gift delivery via email & text with frequent reminders to redeem.
  • Flexible promotion set-up – you decide gift value, date of expiration, number of reminders – all branded to you.
birthday club celebration

Getting set-up is quick and easy

Yiftee will generate a widget for your website and Facebook, installation is simple and quick!

  • Customize look and feel to match destination sites’ branding.
  • Copy instructions for self-installation.
  • Customize your club name – Birthday Club, eClub, VIP Club, Newsletter – whatever is best for your business.
  • Specify what additional information to collect from customers (name, email, phone, etc).

Don’t have a webmaster? We have a dedicated Merchant Services team that will implement a Birthday Club for your website, at no extra cost.

We provide tools to make your Birthday Club successful:

  • Automatic gift scheduling and sending based on customers’ birthday.
  • Manage upcoming scheduled gifts.
  • Export mailing list for import into email marketing software.
birthday club cake

Why use a Birthday Club?

Grow your mailing list and delight your customers during their special day

birthday club

“It’s estimated that only 10% to 15% of independent restaurants have any kind of Birthday Rewards Club. Those who do not are missing out on an easy and effective way to increase their sales and profitability. Studies have shown that birthday tables spend more money, and and tip better. So, celebrating birthdays is good for your business, your guests and your employees.”

Reports and Analytics

Get data that leads to smarter marketing

Yiftee app
  • Multi-location merchants can segment customers into different locations, and run customized campaigns.
  • Understand the return on your Birthday Club investment by measuring increased traffic in store via gift redemptions.
  • Analyze customer demographics and measure marketing campaigns.

Capture Customer Information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Birthday
  • Phone Number
  • Favorite Location
Yiftee analytics

Want to set up a Birthday Club on your website?

Let us show you how easy it is.

Questions? Call 1(650) 564-4438 to speak to a member of our team.

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